Iron Ore Reserves and Production in India: Know about Jiling Langlota and Guali mines of Odisha

Odisha has started iron ore production in two of its mines recently. They are named Jiling Langlota and Guali iron ore mines. Know about the iron ore production in India, iron ore sites and other details here
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Iron ore mining in Odisha
Iron ore mining in Odisha

Why in News?

Two new mines in Odisha have begun mining Iron Ore recently. Know about the iron ore production in India, iron ore sites, their uses, iron mining in India and other details below. 

About the Iron Ore Mines in Odisha

  1. Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC), owned by the Odisha State Government has started the production in Jiling Langlota and Guali iron ore mines. Prahlad Joshi and Dharmendra Pradhan have inaugurated these mines. 
  2. Benefits to the state:
  3. These mines would cater to the raw material needs of the state based industries. 
  4. The mines are iron ore blocks and are situated in mineral rich Keonjhar district of Odisha. These have an annual target of 12 million tonnes production. 
  5. The total iron ore reserve is 275 million tonnes and would generate the annual revenue of INR 4-5000 crores for the state of Odisha. 

Ministry of Mines Annual Report 2019-20

As per this report:

  1. India is self-sufficient in Bauxite, Iron Ore and Sillimanite. Magnesite, Rock Phosphate, Manganese and Copper concentrate are the ones which are imported in India. 
  2. Now that the mines in Odisha are functional, India can even export iron ore. 
  3. India's leading state that produces iron ore is Odisha. It accounts for more than 55% of the total production followed by Chhattisgarh producing almost 17%.
  4. This is followed by Karnataka and Jharkhand producing 14% and 11% respectively. 
  5. In India, the value of metallic minerals in 2018-19 was at INR 64,044 crores. Among these the principal metallic minerals, iron ore contributed more than 45000 crore rupees. This was equivalent to 70% of the contribution. 

Iron Ore in India: Details

  1. India has large iron ore reserves. It occurs in various geological formations but major economic deposits are found in volcano-sedimentary Banded Iron Formation (BIF) from the Precambrian age. 
  2. The prominent ores of iron found in India are Hematite and Magnetite. Hematite is a better quality and lumpy in nature and is used by steel and sponge iron manufacturing industries of India. 
  3. Magnetite is valuable as the content of iron is as high as 70 percent. 
  4. In India iron ore is found in four regions. The highest producer is the Odisha Jharkhand belt, followed by Durg Bastar Chandrapur belt. 
  5. The third belt is Bellary- Chitradurga-Chikmagalur-Tumkur belt followed by Maharashtra Goa belt. 
  6. In the table below find the division of ore on geographical basis




Reserves of the ore (quantity)

Approximately 18,000 million tonnes

Approximately 10,500 million tonnes

Major states where ore are present

Odisha, Jharkhand,

Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar pradesh

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,


Tamil Nadu, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra

Major Belts of Iron Ore in India:

Odisha Jharkhand Belt: High grade of Hematite ore is found here in Badampahar mines in Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar districts. In Singhbhum district hematite ire is mined in Gua and Noamundi. 

Durg Bastar Chandrapur Belt: This lies in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. It has extremely high grade hematite found in the Bailadila range of hills in Bastar region. There are 14 deposits of high grade hematite ore in this region. Iron from here is exported to Japan and Korea. 

Bellary Chitradurga Chikmagalur Tumkur belt: It is in Karnataka and has large reserves of iron ore. The Kudremukh mines are located in Western Ghats of Karnataka where total produce is exported. 

Maharashtra Goa belt: It includes Goa and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The ores are of low quality yet are exported through Mormugao port. 

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Which are the two mines recently made functional by OMC?

Guali and Jiling-Langlota iron ore block have started mining iron ore in Odisha recently

Which is the purest form of iron ore?

Magnetite contains 70% iron, hence is the purest ore of iron available

What is the form of iron used in steel industry?

Hematite ore is used in steel industry

Where can iron be found in Odisha?

Iron can be found in the districts of Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Keonjhar and Jajpur of Odisha
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