Are Aliens Real? Probably Yes, Because There Is One Hiding In Plain Sight In This Brain Teaser.

There is an alien hiding in plain sight among these humans cosplaying as aliens in this brain teaser. Can you find it?
Are Aliens Real? Probably Yes, Because There Is One Hiding In Plain Sight In This Brain Teaser.
Are Aliens Real? Probably Yes, Because There Is One Hiding In Plain Sight In This Brain Teaser.

Are brain teasers good for you? 

The answer is yes, definitive yes. 

Brain Teasers are fun puzzles that test your ability to solve problems. They also improve your memory and concentration skills, especially if you play them regularly. 

They also help you stay fit because they increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Brain teasers are also often used in educational settings to improve students' critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

You don't need to be a genius to solve these puzzles. In fact, some of them are quite simple. 

This brain teaser picture puzzle falls in the latter category. 

Are you ready to solve it?

We will begin whenever you are ready. 

Shall we?

Find The Alien Hiding In Plain Sight In This Brain Teaser

Look at the image below. 


Source: 7-Second Riddles

Here you can see four people in a restaurant, cosplaying as either aliens or animals. 

However, there is one who is not cosplaying. The alien is in its actual form and taking advantage of the cosplayers to blend in perfectly with the crowd at the eatery.

Can you find the alien hiding in plain sight?

We believe you can and that is why we are making this brain teaser more challenging for you. 

By now, you must have guessed what we mean by a challenging brain teaser.

Yes, you are right, there is a time limit. 

You only have 9 seconds to find the alien hiding in plain sight.  So, take out your glasses and magnifying lenses. 

Your time starts now. 

All the best! 

While you brainstorm the answers, here is a fun fact:

Solving brain teasers on a regular basis can make you smarter. How? Well, brain teasers are known to improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Also, as an added bonus, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break, breaking monotony. 

The clock’s ticking!

Have you solved the brain teaser yet?

3… 2… and 1! 

Time’s up.

We are going to reveal the answer now.  

Brain Teaser Answer 

Look at the man in yellow sitting at the second table. He looks like every other cosplayer, right?

Yes. But have you paid attention to what he’s eating? A banana. 

You may think that there is nothing wrong with eating a banana. 

However, look again and pay attention to how he is eating the banana. 

No human eats a banana with the peel intact. 

There you go. The alien in disguise is the man in yellow. 


Source: 7-Second Riddles

We hope you had fun solving this brain teaser picture puzzle with us. 

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