Can You Spot The Opened Lock In This Optical Illusion Image? We Bet You Will Fail!

Sometimes, a tricky illusion image can blow your mind. Here comes such an image. Can you find the opened lock among the bundle of locks within 20 seconds? We bet you can’t. Prove us wrong.
Find The Opened Lock
Find The Opened Lock

Find The Opened Lock: Have you ever mistakenly helped a robber commit a robbery at your own house?


Imagine you woke up late when you had an important meeting at your workplace. You did not take your morning coffee, skipped breakfast, packed your snacks in a haphazard manner, locked the door, and drove rushingly to your office, only to realize that you did not lock your main door properly.


You are chilled to the bone as you recall a recent robbery incident in the next street to your house. Even in the meeting, you can't get over the horrific thought.


Scared? Relax.


The purpose was to make you ready for the image below. 


Well, to give you a deja vu for the imaginary incident, here comes an image with not one but multiple locks. Don't worry, you aren't supposed to find the keys to all of them.


All you have to do is find the opened lock, so you never forget to check your house lock before leaving for work.


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Are you ready?


Hey, would you spend an hour at your door to check if it is properly locked while getting late for work?


No, right? So why would you take more than 20 seconds to find the opened lock in the image?


Read on to know the rules before jumping to the game.


Rules To Follow:


Rule 1: Do not take the help of your friend. This fun image will help you test your attention to detail.


Rule 2: You only have 20 seconds to find the opened lock. Set your phone on a timer of 20 seconds.


Rule 3: Have a look at the image with full attention. Eliminate all distractions for 20 seconds. Look at each lock very carefully to find the opened lock.


Ready? Let's get started.

Find The Opened Lock


Image Source: Planetworm Riddles and Tests (YouTube)

Could you find the opened lock?


If yes, then we are sure you would never let robbers get a chance to steal at your place.


Couldn't Find It? Here Comes The Key For The Puzzle


Image Source: Planetworm Riddles and Tests (YouTube)

Oh, who kept the lock open? Must be a careless person!

Whoever the person is, you must learn from his mistake. Take an oath to always check the locks properly before rushing to work!


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