Car Colour Personality Test: What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Your car colour can reveal a lot about your personality. Whether you like blue, silver or bright red, your car colour tells what type of person you are. Read on to find out how.
Car Colour Personality Test
Car Colour Personality Test

Car Colour Personality Test: Everyone buys a car after careful consideration only. You think of the mileage, seating capacity, engine, budget, brand etc., but the first thing that catches your or anyone’s eye when they look at a car is the colour.

Your favourite car colour is a direct reflection of your personality. Studies show that the colour you choose for your vehicle symbolises the type of person you are, be it an introvert, an extrovert, or a bit of both. On that note, we bring you this personality test based on your favourite car colour.

What Does Your Car Colour Say About Your Personality?

1. Blue

Blue Colour Car

Blue is a unique car colour that is quite common. Maybe it’s the non-availability of other colours or whatever, but anytime you’re on the road, you’ll definitely see blue cars driving. The blue colour is for those who like attention and love to stand out, but not too much; otherwise, they’d have chosen red. If you have a blue colour car, you are compassionate, optimistic, and cool-headed. You like peace in your life and love to be complimented for your perceptiveness. You are moderately introverted and also very honest. You are both trusting and trustworthy as well. However, if you prefer a darker shade of blue, it shows that you are confident and authoritative.

2. Grey

Grey Colour Car

Grey is one of the most popular car colours in the world. It’s a classic colour chosen by people who just want to blend in. If you have a grey car, you likely didn’t want to attract attention with a bright white colour or be too zesty with black. So, you choose something in between. And that’s also how your personality is. You possess a neutral inclination and have a very practical approach to life. You are calm, composed, and cherish balance. You don’t take sides and like to talk things out. You are also cautious and prefer to compromise rather than take a stand.

3. Red

Red Colour Car

A red car colour screams boldness. If you have a red colour car or if it’s your dream colour, you are a typical extrovert. You love attention and flaunting your accessories. You are outgoing, aggressive, and super confident. You also have a passion for life and can’t stay sedentary for too long. You love to travel, meet new people, and attend parties. You make friends easily but are also a demanding person. You are also ambitious and dream of accomplishing big things. However, due to your high energy, you can often get restless if you don’t get your way.

4. Yellow

Yellow Colour Car

Yellow, like the most common object associated with it, signifies a sunny disposition. If your car colour is yellow, it indicates that you are a warm-hearted and joyful person. You are extroverted and possess a great sense of humour. You have a hopeful attitude and always see the bright side of things. You are also young at heart but not immature. You aren’t afraid of attention and readily welcome gazing eyes. Bright colours are your go-to in cars, fashion or homes. People with a proclivity for the yellow colour are also highly creative and have good business acumen.


Choosing the perfect car colour is essential for anyone who buys a car. Your car is going to stay with you for a long time, and if the colour isn’t right, neither will your mood. Thus, most people pick their car colour after a lot of consideration. And it’s directly linked to personality. We’ve laid out various car colours and the personality traits they symbolise. Hopefully, you liked and learnt something new from our list. Stay tuned for more such personality tests in the future. And in the meantime, check out similar articles below.


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