GK Questions and Answers on Prithviraj Chauhan

Take the below quiz based on the life and events of the Medieval India's greatest ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan or Prithiviraj III. On the birth anniversary of Prithviraj Chauhan Jagran Josh has brought the questions and answers based on his life.
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Prithviraj Chauhan
Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan or Prithviraja III is one of the most famous Rajput rulers of India. His magnificence and chivalry is well known throughout the world and has been the theme of composition of many poems and stories of Indian Literature. Take a look at the questions below based on the life of this ruler.

  1. In which year was Prithvi Raj Chauhan born?
  1. 1166 AD
  2. 1166 BC
  3. 1216 AD
  4. 1192 AD

Ans. a

Explanation: Prithviraja III also known as Prithviraj Chauhan was born in 1166 AD and died in 1192 AD.

  1. Which battle did Prithviraj Chauhan loose to Muhammad Ghori?
  1. Third Battle of Taraori
  2. First Battle of Taraori
  3. Second Battle of Taraori
  4. None of the above 

Ans. c

Explanation: Prithvi Raj Chauhan lost the second battle of Taraori or battle of Tarain which marked the great watershed moment in the history of India. 

  1. What was the capital of Prithviraj Chauhan's kingdom?
  1. Delhi
  2. Ajayameru
  3. Mewar
  4. Kurukshetra

Ans. b

Explanation: The capital of the Kingdom of Sapadalaksha, which is the present northwest India was Ajayameru or Ajmer in modern India. 

  1. Who wrote the famous Prithraj Raso?
  1. Suraj Raj
  2. Chand Bardai
  3. Mataprasad Gupta
  4. None of the above 

Ans. b

Explanation: Prithviraj Raso was composed by Chand Bardai who was Prithviraj's court poet. He accompanied the king to all his expeditions. 

  1. Choose the correct statement about Prithviraj Raso

i) It exists in form a manuscript copied in 1610 for Kalyanmal's grandson

ii) Its oldest portions are written in Lata Apabhramsha

  1. Only i
  2. Only ii
  3. Both i and ii
  4. None of the above 

Ans. c

Explanation: The oldest extant recension of Prithviraj Raso is from the 16th century. It exists in the form of a manuscript copied in 1610, for a grandson of Kalyanmal, the Rathore ruler of Bikaner. Its oldest portions are written in Lata Apabhramsha. 

  1. Which of the following literary texts include Prithviraj Chauhan?
  1. Kharatara-Gachchha-Pattavali
  2. Prabandha-Chintamani
  3. Alha-Khanda
  4. All of the above 

Ans. d

Explanation: The chronicles that mention Prithviraj Chauhan were:  Prabandha-Chintamani, Prabandha Kosha, Prithviraja Prabandha, Kharatara-Gachchha-Pattavali and Alha-Khanda. 

  1. What was the name of Prithviraj Chauhan's parents?
  1. King Someshwara and Queen Kalachuri
  2. King Someshwara and Queen Karpura Devi
  3. King Hiriraha and Queen Karpura Devi
  4. King Chahamana and Queen Kalachuri

Ans. b

Explanation: Prithviraj was born to the Chahamana king Someshvara and Queen Karpuradevi who was a Kalachuri princess. 

  1. Which of the statements is true about Muhammad of Ghor?

i) He first captured Tabarhindah or Tabar-e-Hind, part of Chahamana territory

ii) He was the Sultan of the Ghurid Empire

  1. Only i
  2. Only ii
  3. Both i and ii
  4. None of the above 

Ans. c

Explanation: Muhammad of Ghor, was the Sultan of the Ghurid Empire along with his brother Ghiyath ad-Din Muhammad. During 1190 to 1191 CE, he invaded the Chahamana territory, and captured Tabarhindah or Tabar-e-Hind.

  1. Whose daughter did Prithviraj Chauhan marry?
  1. Jayachandra
  2. Harsha
  3. Yashovarman
  4. Ayudhas

Ans. a

Explanation: Jayachandra was a king from the Gahadavala dynasty of northern India. Prithviraj Chauhan married his daughter Sanyogyata. 

  1. Which of the following statements is true?

i) Nagarjuna conducted a revolt against Prithviraj Chauhan

ii) Nagarjuna captured Gudapura which was recaptured by Prithviraj Chauhan

  1. Only i
  2. Only ii
  3. Both i and ii
  4. None of the above 

Ans. c

Explanation: Nagarjuna was the son of Prithviraj's Uncle Vigraharaja IV. He conducted a revolt against Prithviraj for the Chahamana throne.  

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