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The atoms of different elements differ in the number of electrons, protons and neutrons. The discovery of electrons and protons suggested that atoms are divisible and they do have an inner structure. Various scientists have proposed a model of structure of atom. This GK Quiz deals with the Questions and Answers on the structure of atom and models associated with them.
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Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of matter. Various kinds of matter exist around us which are due to the different types of atoms and molecules present in them. Atoms are made up of three subatomic particles, electrons, protons and neutrons. At the centre of an atom proton and neutrons are present, whereas outside the nucleus electrons are present. There are various models or theories proposed by scientists about the structure of an atom. This article deals with these models of atoms and its characteristics.

Atomic Structure Quiz
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1. In 1903 who had proposed the model of an atom, due to which electrons and protons were known to us?
A. Dalton
B. J.J. Thomson
C. Rutherford
D. Goldstein
Ans. B
2. Which model of an atom is similar to a Christmas pudding?

A. Thomson’s model
B. Rutherford model
C. Dalton’s Model
D. None of the above
Ans. A
3. The present concept of the structure of an atom is given by which scientist?

A. Rutherford
B. Goldstein
C. Niels Bohr
D. J.J. Thomson
Ans. C

What do you mean by Atomic Structure
4. Name an atom in which the nucleus of that atom does not contain any neutrons?

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Phosphorous
D. Sodium
Ans. B
5. Which model does not able to explain the stability of an atom?

A. Bohr’s Model
B. Rutherford’s Model
C. Thomson’s Model
D. None of the above
Ans. B
6. According to Goldstein’s experiment, on passing high voltage electricity through gases at very low pressure resulted in the discovery of:

A. Electron
B. Proton
C. Nucleus
D. Neutron
Ans. B
7. Who had discovered electron?

A. Niels Bohr
B. E. Goldstein
C. J.J.Thomson
D. James Chadwick
Ans. A

What is Catalysis?
8. In 1932 who had discovered neutron?

A. J.J Thomson
B. James Chadwick
C. Goldstein
D. Rutherford
Ans. B
9. Which model describes that there is no change in the energy of electrons as long as they keep revolving in the same energy level and atoms remains stable.

A. Bohr’s Model
B. Rutherford Model
C. J.J Thomson Model
D. None of the above
Ans. A
10. The correct electronic configuration of sodium is:

A. 2,8,1
B. 8,2,1
C. 2,1,8
D. 2,8,2
Ans. A

From the Quiz it is clear that atom is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons and there are different theories or models associated with the structure of atom, devised by various scientists.

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