Math Riddle With Answer: Are You Smart Enough To Find The Price Of The Canvas Shoes In The Last Math Equation within 53 seconds?

The image contains a pair of canvas shoes, a boy, and two burgers. Use all your skills and logic to find the value of the shoe in the equation. Hurry Up!
Math Riddle With Answer
Math Riddle With Answer

Mathematical Brain Teaser: Mathematical riddles are an excellent way to advance your math skills if you have trouble with basic computation. It is up to you to solve them with reason and logic. Try this mathematical brain teaser to hone your problem-solving abilities.

Recently, Can you solve this mathematical brain teaser based on Figures? What is the value of the Canvas Shoes and Burgers?

What is the Brain Teaser?

Here it comes. 

Can you find the value of the Canvas Shoes?

Look at the Mathematical Brain Teaser posted below.


Can you solve this Brain Teaser?

Find this too easy?

Fine, let’s turn this into a challenge. 

Set a timer to 53 seconds and try to find the answer within the allotted time. 

Good luck!

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Math Brain Teaser Answers

Visuals always hold a special place in our hearts and minds. However, it can occasionally also leave you the most confused. Where do you stand? This mental exercise will improve your critical intuition and problem-solving skills. And as a result, you will become more capable of reasoning and making decisions quicker. 

By now, you must have deduced the solution. Congratulations are in order if you have. We had faith in your ability to pull this off.

Still, we are going to reveal the answer so you can cross-check your answer.


Note: Probably, this mathematical brain teaser can have different solutions.

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Math riddles with answers: Math has decided to be easy for our readers today! Try these math riddles and thank us later!

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