Math riddles with Answers: These math riddles are everything you need for a 5-minute fun!

Afraid of maths? Of all the horrifying math problems you have seen in your entire life, these easy-peasy math riddles will prove to be a calming experience. Try these.
Fun math riddles with answers!
Fun math riddles with answers!

Math is a subject infamous for being tough. Today we bring you some exciting math riddles that will change your perception of the subject.


Today, we have tried to be creative with our math riddles. You will not find any complex theorems or scary formulae in our math riddles today. We have made use of some simple everyday objects to make today’s math riddle experience appear simple. 


And oh, did we tell you that we are going to present only two math riddles today? Yes, we admit that despite having the best math riddles, we have handpicked only two. The reason is that we wanted to play with scarcity to enhance your interest in the subject. Yes, sometimes, less is more!


Additionally, what we promise you with these exciting math riddles is a peaceful sleep. What do we mean by that? Well, unlike your school math test that had complex math problems with no help or solution, we present digestible math riddles with answers. Yes, after every math riddle, you get to check the answer as well, so you sleep without overthinking about the right answer at night.


Did we promise to change your harsh perception toward the subject? We surely did. How are we going to achieve this goal? Well, when you get just 2 math riddles that are not only interesting but also simple and doable, designed not with complex numbers but with everyday objects, and also come with their right solutions in the end, your fear and dislike toward the subject of math will automatically change to acceptance and liking.


Did we tell you that we are different from your school math test in one more respect? While you were expected to solve 10 complex questions in a limited time period in school, we give you the liberty to take as much time as you require to solve these two easy-peasy math riddles.


Are we ready to present the math riddles? Yes!


Are you ready to solve them? 

Math riddle 1:


What an easy-peasy math riddle designed with pins, chairs, and books! Are you able to solve this one?


Oh dear bear, where are you? Find the hidden bear in the image!


Here comes the second math riddle for you!


Math riddle 2:


The beautiful dancing girls and some music make your math riddle-solving experience mesmerizing!


Excited about the answers? Here you go!

Answer 1:


If the sum of five books is 50, then the value of 1 book must be 10.


If one book (10) is added with 3 pairs of pins, then the value of one pair of the pin must be 2.


This means that the value of 1 pin is 1.


Now, if a pair of pins (2) added to three chairs is 11, then the sum of 3 chairs must be 9 (11-2).


This means that the value of one chair is 3.


Now, in the final equation, a book multiplied with a pin added with a pin, and then with a chair, gives us 14. (APPLY THE BODMAS RULE HERE!)

Answer 2:



In this exciting math riddle,


If a dancing girl in ratio with music is 2,


the dancing girl multiplied by music is 2,


and the dancing girl divided by music is 2,


then the value of the dancing girl must be 2, and the value of music must be 1.


Didn't you like these math riddles? We are sure you did. Would you want some more? Stay tuned and we'll bring another set of handpicked math riddles for you soon!


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