A Light-Hearted Optical Illusion Test For You And Your Tiny Tots!

Were you eagerly waiting for an optical illusion test for your young children? Here comes an optical illusion test for you and your tiny tots to try together!
Find The Hidden Heart
Find The Hidden Heart

Optical illusion articles are a fun way to kickstart your day or set your mood for bed. They give your mind a fresh break from the stress of the day. But you can't involve your tiny tots in fun.


Almost all optical illusion challenges are so mind-boggling that it will bounce on their head.


Hey, relax! Here comes a fun, light-hearted optical illusion test that will help you bond with your kids.


Are you ready?


Let's get started!


Find The Hidden Heart In The Bunch Of Flowers, With Your Kid!


The rules are pretty simple.


Find the hidden heart in the picture. 


Since this test is for you and your tiny tots to bond better, there is no time limit to this one.


Take it easy!


Take your time, look at each flower carefully, work as a team, and try to find the hidden heart. 



Image  Source: Bright Side



Could You Find The Hidden Heart?


Were you able to find the hidden heart in this bunch of flowers with your kid?


If you couldn't,  here is the naughty heart hiding!


Image  Source: Bright Side



Wasn't it interesting? It doesn't matter if you could find the hidden heart or not. All that matters is the quality time you spent with your kid,  and the fun you had while trying this challenge. 


Here are a few more fun ways to bond well with your kids!


- Try Karaoke Together 

No matter how pathetic you sing, everything is melodious when your tiny tot enjoys karaoke with you. This fun activity will help you giggle a little with the kid.

- Cook Together

Again, you do not need to be a professional. Just try a simple recipe with your kid, like that of a sandwich, and enjoy the fruits of your labor on the dining table. Remember, you must not scold your child when he breaks the crockery. The key is to make the child feel safe and happy in the kitchen. Bonus: your child will develop an interest in basic life skills like cooking.

- A Board Game Never Gets Boring

Board games are a fun way to spend some relaxing time with your kid. Also, such games teach your child to win and to lose!


- Trying Painting Together

Don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty in paints when you create masterpieces with your child. Children love colors and feel their most confident selves when they're given a platform of unrestricted creative expression. When you allow your child to color out of the lines, you provide them with a safe environment to learn and make mistakes. Plus, you get to know your child while getting creative yourselves too.


- Share Your Goofy Childhood Stories

There is nothing wrong with becoming friends with your child. Once in a blue moon, try coming down from the pedestal of a parent and bring out your inner child in front of your kids. Make mistakes with them, turn on your mischievous mode, and share your childhood goofy stories with them. Tell them about the funny or embarrassing incidents that happened to you when you were their age. The results you will get after this are manifold. One, they will understand that it is okay to make mistakes. Secondly, they will try to understand you as humans and not like merely strict authoritative figures. And finally, they will put down their guards and open up with you more. You just need to take the first step!

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