Oh dear fox, it's about to rain! Spot the fox and ask him to run under a shelter!

Find the hidden fox in this optical illusion image.
Find the hidden fox!
Find the hidden fox!

If there's anything more beautiful designed by the Almighty other than the stars and the moon, it's the rain!


 When the droplets of water coming straight from the heavens touch our skin, it reminds us of the fact that we are still alive.


 In a time when we have become slaves to the toxic hustle culture, the water droplets from the sky remind enliven our souls.


However, rain is not equally blissful to all. While peacocks and humans alike enjoy the rain, many creatures on the planet simply hate rain.


For instance, bats wish rain never comes.


 Goats too are known to hate rain.

 Dogs also do not feel comfortable with rain.


Similarly, foxes do not enjoy the rain. They feel uncomfortable being wet.


 Just when the rain comes, they temporarily dig burrows. In case they don't do that, they look for shelter in a rabbit hole.

Most animals get scared by the thunder and sounds of rain.


Foxes are often seen in their dens as soon as the rain comes. While foxes prefer sleeping out in the open, they hide in their den just when the rain comes. 

What is the fox doing out in this rainy weather?


The weather looks beautiful in the eyes of a human, but not in the eyes of animals. 


It is about to rain. 


What can you do?


It is about to rain. Find the hidden fox in this picture.


Once you place your finger on the fox, the little fox will get reminded to rush back to its den. 


The Rules


Set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start the timer as you look carefully at the picture.


Find the hidden fox

Image Source: The Quiz Central

Here is the fox!



Image Source: The Quiz Central




Run, dear! Before the rain comes.

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