Optical Illusion: Can you find the hidden frog in 5 seconds?

Optical Illusion: You have eagle eyes if you are able to spot a hidden frog in 5 seconds. Test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now!
Hidden Frog Optical Illusion
Hidden Frog Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Test: There are many types of optical illusions, such as literal, physiological, and cognitive illusions. The similarity among all of them is that they trick your mind. With regular practice, one can quickly master the ability to solve optical illusions.


Optical illusions are a great way to test your level of intelligence. It is an excellent way to flaunt your observation skills among friends and family, and it is a great source of entertainment for teens and adults.


Studies suggest that optical illusions are great for improving your observation skills and enhancing the capabilities of the brain.


So, are you ready to test your observation skills?


Then, let’s get started.


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Optical Illusions - Can You Spot the Hidden Frog in 5 Seconds?


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The image shown above challenges you to spot a hidden frog in the plants in 5 seconds. This is a quick optical illusion challenge that will help you determine how good your observation skills are.


Optical illusion tests are very helpful in improving your concentration and observation skills.


Studies have shown that optical illusions are useful in determining certain types of psychological disorders, like schizophrenia.


While optical illusion tests are a great way to test your intelligence in the most basic manner possible, they are not the only way that an individual’s intelligence can be gauged.


For that, there are professionally designed IQ tests available which can be availed by you for getting an idea of your true IQ levels.


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Now, have you spotted the hidden frog?


It is a relatively simple challenge, and that’s why the time limit is so short. As per our tests, the average time taken by users to find the hidden frog is 5 seconds.


An individual with good observation skills will be able to spot the frog, which is hiding in plain sight among the leaves of the plant.


Did you spot the hidden frog?


Time’s up.


Before we move on to the solution, we would like to appreciate those users who have spotted the frog with their exceptional observation skills.


There might be some users who are still looking for the frog.


Don’t worry, keep reading below for the solution.


The frog is green in colour and hence camouflages nicely with the leaves, making it difficult to spot at first glance.

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