Optical Illusion: Can you spot 5 hidden carrots among the squirrels in 11 seconds?

Optical Illusion: Individuals with good observation skills will be able to spot 5 carrots hiding among squirrels in this optical illusion image in 11 seconds. Are you one of them? Attempt this challenge now to test your intelligence and observation skills.
Find 5 carrots in 11 seconds
Find 5 carrots in 11 seconds

Optical Illusion: Optical illusions are great at tricking your brain. There are three types of optical illusions namely literal, physiological and cognitive illusions. 

In addition to being entertaining, optical illusions are excellent sources for academic research. Optical illusions are used by scientists to better understand how the brain functions.

Optical illusions have become popular in the last decade or so, and due to the penetration of the Internet among the masses, the popularity of optical illusions has risen significantly.

Optical illusions are also great for improving your observation skills.

Here is one such optical illusion that will put your observation skills to the test.

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Optical Illusion Test - Find the Five Carrots in 11 Seconds


Source: Dudolf

Optical illusions are one of the most basic ways to assess one's ability to observe and think critically. 

Although it is thought to be an excellent way to test your intelligence, more advanced methods like Mensa IQ Challenge can help you identify your true IQ levels.

The image is created by Dudolf, a famous Hungarian artist and illustrator. It depicts a group of squirrels enjoying their time.

But there are 5 carrots which are also hiding among the squirrels and you need to find the carrots in 11 seconds.

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Did You Find the Five Carrots in 11 Seconds?

The key to solving this optical illusion challenge is to observe the image very carefully 

Have you spotted the five carrots?

Hurry up, time is running out.

Look attentively, you can scan all the areas of the image to see if you can spot the five carrots.


Time’s up.

How many of you have spotted the five carrots?

We believe some of you have spotted the five carrots in the group.

Congratulation to those who have successfully spotted the five carrots.

Some of you might still be looking for the carrot.

Look no further.

Scroll below for the solution.

Fun Facts:

Carrots are rich source of Beta Carotene which is the precursor of Vitamin-A or Retinol which is essential for healthy skin, eyes.

Find Five Carrots in 11 Seconds - Solution

The five carrots are marked with yellow circles.


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