Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh was born on July 10th, 1951. He is former president of Bharatiya Janata Party and currently the home minister of India. He commenced his career as a Physics lecturer.
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Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh was born on July 10th, 1951. He is former president of Bharatiya Janata Party and currently the home minister of India. He commenced his career as a Physics lecturer.

Family details

Rajnath Singh was born in Bhabhaura village in the Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. He belonged to a Rajput family. His father’s name was Ram Badan Singh and mother’s name was Gujarati Devi.


Rajnath received his primary education in the village & consequently he concluded his M. Sc. in Physics from Gorakhapur University, Uttar Pradesh. He worked as a lecturer of Physics at K.B. Post Graduate College Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. He was a shining student and a dynamic RSS worker since his student life. He became the RSS General Secretary of Mirzapur in the year 1972. He was also the organizational secretary of ABVP Gorakhpur from 1969 - 1971. He entered politics in the year 1974 & shortly became Secretary of Bharatiya Jana Sangh of Mirzaur. In the year 1975, he became District President of Jana Sangh & District Coordinator of JP Movement. In year 1977, he was designated as an MLA in Uttar Pradesh Assembly.


  • In the year 1983, he became the State Secretary of BJP UP & in 1984 he became the State President of BJP’s Youth Wing. In the year 1986, he became National General Secretary of BJYM & consequently National President of BJYM in year 1988.
  • He was designated the MLC for Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council in the year 1988 & became Education Minister in year 1991. During this tenure as an Education Minister he recognized some milestones by introducing the Anti-Copying Act & Vedic Mathematics in the course outline and alteration of an assortment of portions of history textbooks.
  • He became the Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha in the year 1994 & also the Chief Whip of the Bhartiya Janta Party in Rajya Sabha.
  • On March 25th, 1997, he became the State President of Uttar Pradesh BJP. During his tenure despite expanding & strengthening the organization, he played a major role in saving the BJP led Government two times during the political catastrophe.
  • On November 22, 1999, he became the Union Surface Transport Minister. All through this period he got the prospect to kick off the National Highway Development Programmea dream project of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
  • On October 28, 2000, he became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh & was twice elected as an MLA from Haidargarh electorate in Barabanki. In the year 2002, he became National General Secretary of Bhartiya Janta Party.
  • On May 24, 2003, he became the Union Minister of Agriculture and consequently for Food Processing. At some point in this period he commenced few epoch making projects.
  • In 2004, he was appointed as the National General Secretary of Bhartiya Janta Party.
  • On December 31, 2005, he became the BJP national President.


  • As Education minister in year 1992 he took inventiveness & got Anti-Copy Act Passed.
  • When he was the state president BJP in the year 1998, it was the best performance of BJP in Lok Sabha achieving 58 seats & 2 allies.
  • As Surface transport minister commenced Shri. Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s dream project NHDP (National Highway Development Project) which integrated Golden Quadrilateral & NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST corridor.
  • As Surface Transport minister he has altered name of Emission Standard of EURO II to Bharat State II in year 2000 which is now used in vehicles of Country as BS - 3, BS - 4 and the like.
  • When he was Agriculture Minister, he took initiative & has brought down interest on Agriculture loan from yelling 14 % - 18 % to levelheaded 8%, he has also recognized Farmer Commission & instigated Farms Income Insurance Scheme.
  • He has recognized Farmer Commission & set off Farms Income Insurance Scheme.
  • As the national president of BJP he resoluted that states runs by BJP should offer loans to farmer at 1 % and got it executed.
  • As the President of BJP he got recognition of getting the 1st BJP government in South India
  • During his administration BJP become 1st political party to give 33 % posts to Women in party organizational structure.


He wrote a book on Unemployment, its Reasons & Remedies, when he was the National President of BJYM.

source: www.rajnathsingh.in

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