Seek and Find: Can you find a hidden cheetah in 17 seconds?

The seek-and-find challenge is a great way to test your intelligence and observation skills. Want to know how good your observation skills are? Then find the hidden cheetah within 17 seconds to complete this challenge.
Find Cheetah in 17 Seconds
Find Cheetah in 17 Seconds

Seek and Find: The game of "seek and find" is based on the premise of finding a hidden item within a picture. The item can be anything, like an object, an animal, etc. This activity can help develop your observation skills.


In this kind of activity, you will be presented with an image in which you need to find the hidden object. Solving this kind of problem requires you to focus your attention on the image and seek the hidden thing.


This is a good way to improve your observation skills and enhance your logical and analytical abilities. 


Here is one such image that challenges you to find a hidden cheetah in the grass within 17 seconds.


Let’s get started.


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Seek and Find - Spot the Cheetah in 17 Seconds?


Source: Richard Costin


This image was captured by wildlife photographer Richard Costin in Kenya. In this image, you can see the grasslands of Kenya, where three Thomson gazelles are roaming around.


They have their ears up in anticipation of some danger.


But what exactly are the gazelles worried about?


It is a cheetah that is lurking in the vicinity of the gazelles, which has made them anxious.


The cheetah is not visible to the gazelles.


You need to find the cheetah that is hiding in the long grass within 17 seconds before it can pounce on the gazelles.


Did you spot the cheetah?

The long grasses provide an ideal cover for the cheetah, making it invisible to the gazelles.


Did you spot the cheetah?


It can be lurking anywhere in the grass, waiting to pounce on the gazelles.


Time is over.


We understand that finding the cheetah was difficult, but some expert puzzlers have spotted it.


Those who are looking for the solution can scroll below.


Spot the Cheetah - Solution


The cheetah can be seen hiding in the long grass some distance away from the gazelles. The location of the cheetah is marked with a red circle.

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