Spot The Difference: Can you Spot All 9 Differences in 27 seconds?

Spot the Difference: Two similar images are placed side by side but they are different from each other. Spot all the 9 differences within 27 seconds. Test your level of intelligence and observation skills with this challenge now.
Spot 9 Differences in 27 Seconds
Spot 9 Differences in 27 Seconds

Spot the Difference: The concept of spot the difference is that there will be two images which will be similar in appearance and placed side by side to each other. Although they are similar there will be some differences between the two pictures.


Those attempting the challenge will be required to spot the differences between the two pictures within a time limit in order to complete the challenge successfully.


It is a fun-filled challenge that can be attempted individually and also can be attempted as a group activity. Both kids and adults can take part in this activity.


Ready for a quick spot the difference challenge?


Great, let’s get started.


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Spot the Difference - Spot all 9 differences in 27 seconds

The image depicted above shows you a scene which is located near Tower Bridge in London. In this image, you can see that it is a sunny day and people are enjoying their time in a park adjacent to the bridge.


Spotted in the image is a family consisting of parents and a boy, a quintessential English gentleman who is walking with an umbrella in one hand and books in the other.


Also, you can see a couple sitting on a bench and spending some quality time admiring the beauty of the bridge and the Thames river.


The challenge for you is to find all 9 differences between the two images and that too within 27 seconds.


Set up your stopwatch and dive into the challenge.


Do you notice the differences between the two images?


Some of the differences will be easy to spot while some are tricky. 


If you get stuck and are unable to find all the 9 differences, you can refer to the solution presented below.


But, the solutions should be referred to once the time’s over, in that way the exercise will prove beneficial to you.


Have you spotted all the 9 differences?


Keep scrolling to check the solution.


Here are the 9 differences:


  1. There is an extra branch on the tree in the right.
  2. The shadow on the left of each image is different from each other.
  3. The colour of the document on the bench is different in the two pictures.
  4. There is no boat on the river in the image on the right.
  5. There is one missing pillar on the top of the bridge on the right image.
  6. The gentleman is carrying a single book in the image on the right while two are on the left.
  7. The bridge has an additional railing on the right-sided image.
  8. The shadow of the tree is longer in the image on right.
  9. There is no building overlooking the bridge on the right side of the image.


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