These brain teasers on rivers are so hard, you would probably want to grab your school geography books!

Were you good with geography in school? Let’s test it with these brain teasers!
Brain Teasers!
Brain Teasers!

How good was your geography back in school?

Could you easily remember the names of the highest peaks of the world and the deepest of oceans?

Were you able to correctly locate the cities, towns, and states on the globe and the map?

Was your geography teacher impressed with your sharp memory when you used to recall the names of the rivers correctly?

Well, if you were one of those students in the school who has received much love and appreciation from the geography professor, we desire to put you to the test today.

Today, we will be presenting a few brain teasers that will test your memory of rivers.

Are you ready?


Here you go!

These brain teasers will surely keep your tiny tots busy!

Brain Teaser 1:


A 0 added to an “E”?


What would this mean?


Hint: Do not look at 0 as zero. Look at what the number represents in the English language.

Brain Teaser 2:



An “N” and a cute-looking tiger!


Everything kept aside, the tiger looks really cute!

Brain Teaser 3:


The Indian flag and a “US”.

Well, we know you are excited to know the answers. Scroll down!



Answer 1: Nile

Answer 2: Niger

Answer 3: Indus

So, how good are you with rivers?

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