List of Top 10 most Endangered Animals of the World in 2022

An endangered species is a type of organism that is threatened by extinction. Check the list of the top 10 most endangered animals in the world in 2022 here.
Top 10 Endangered Species 2022
Top 10 Endangered Species 2022

A species that is threatened with extinction in the near future, either globally or within a specific geographical zone, is known as an endangered species. Invasive species, habitat loss, poaching, and other issues may put endangered species in danger.

The IUCN Red List is a system for evaluating the global conservation status of species that includes both species that have been thoroughly assessed through the IUCN's species assessment process and "Data Deficient" (DD) species for which more data and assessment are needed before their situation can be determined. And on this note, the top 10 globally endangered species include the following:

List of Top 10 Endangered Species in the world 2022

Javan Rhinos

The number of Javan rhinos, which were once common throughout south-east Asia, has dropped drastically as a result of hunting and habitat loss. The last known safe haven for Javan Rhinos is the Ujung Kulon National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the area is also adversely affected by the invasive Arenga palm, which gives the rhinos less food to eat and less space to roam. 

Aside from this, the small Javan rhino population is also very susceptible to extinction because of calamities, illness, poaching, and possible inbreeding.

Amur Leopard

With only about 100 remaining in the wild, the Amur leopard is one of the most endangered big cats in the world. These leopard subspecies have been listed as critically endangered since 1996, despite the fact that their wild population appears to be stable and growing.

Threats to the remaining Amur leopards' survival include habitat loss, fragmentation, a lack of available prey, and infrastructure related to transportation, such as roads, railway tracks, etc.

Sunda Island Tiger

The Sumatran tiger, also known as the Sunda Island tiger, is the world's smallest tiger subspecies and can weigh up to 140 kg. For comparison, the Amur region's tigers are the largest of all the big cats, with males weighing up to twice as much as those on Sunda Island. They only exist on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where their population is thought to number no more than 600 in the wild.

Sunda Island tigers are more likely to come into contact with humans as the area's population grows, which could result in an increase in human-tiger conflict. The illegal trade in tiger products and parts raises serious concerns for their survival.

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Mountain Gorillas

A subspecies of the eastern gorilla known as the mountain gorilla, it is only found in two isolated populations in the high-altitude forests of the volcanic mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, as well as in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

With just over 1,000 living in the wild, mountain gorillas are currently classified as an endangered species. Multiple threats still exist, though, and they could impede this species' recovery efforts.

Tapanuli Orangutan

The Tapanuli orangutan is a newly discovered orangutan species that was recognized as a separate species in 2017. The tropical forests of the Batang Toru ecosystem on the Indonesian island of Sumatra are the only place where Tapanuli orangutans can be found in the wild.

They are the most endangered great ape species in the world as there are currently less than 800 of these tree-dwelling primates left in the wild.

Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Being the only living freshwater porpoise in existence makes the Yangtze Finless Porpoise unique within its family. The Yangtze River in China is currently home to this aquatic mammal, which is classified as a critically endangered species.

In order to protect this species, China will upgrade finless porpoises to the country's, "first-level protected species," in 2021. In the wild, their population stabilized at around 1,000 individuals in 2018.

Black Rhino

The IUCN continues to list black rhinos as critically endangered, and there are only about 5,630 of them left in the wild. Black rhinos now exist in three subspecies, with the western black rhino being declared extinct in 2011. Today, only four countries Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are home to 95% of the world's black rhinos. Poaching for rhino horn remains the biggest threat to the remaining population, in the past ten years, close to 10,000 African rhinos have been killed to supply the black market for rhino horn.

African Forest Elephant

Due to their shy nature, it is still unknown how many wild African forest elephants are there in number, but we do know that they are a critically endangered species and have decreased by an estimated 86% over the past 31 years.

African forest elephants now live in 20 different African countries, mostly in Gabon and the Republic of Congo, occupying about 25% of their historic range.

Sumatran Orangutan

Only the Indonesian island of Sumatra is home to the Sumatran orangutan. There are currently less than 14,000 of them in the wild, and the IUCN has listed them as critically endangered.

The majority of these orangutans can currently be found in the Leuser Ecosystem, which is located at the northernmost tip of Sumatra and features humid peat swamps and tropical lowland rainforests.

Hawksbill Turtle

The Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans' nearshore tropical and subtropical waters are home to the Hawksbill turtle, one of the seven marine turtle species. Since marine turtles are true ocean wanderers, it is challenging to estimate their true population numbers, but it is estimated that there are between 20,000 and 23,000 nesting turtles.

Future threats brought on by humans, like plastic pollution, climate change, and rising sea levels, may have a greater impact on the extinction of this species. Hawksbill turtles are currently classified as critically endangered.

Surely, after reading about these magnificent creatures you will be willing to add to their living conditions. And for that, Scientists advise conserving the places where the endangered species live. 

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