We are back with some exciting brain teasers!

Brain teasers can be a fun way to recharge your mood. That is why we have brought to you some exciting brain teasers. Are you ready?
Brain teasers with answers!
Brain teasers with answers!

Hello dear readers. We are back with some fun-filled, easy-peasy- non-mathematical puzzles for you. Ready to solve them? Yeah, yeah, we know you were waiting for us to bring you your daily dose of excitement. Here you go –

Section 1: Eating on the Run

Spell a food item using only letters in the name of each city. You do not need to use all the letters, and you may change the order of the letters.

Brain Teaser 1: CAROLEEN (North Carolina)

Brain Teaser 2: KIMBALL (Nebraska)

Answer Time

Answer to Brain Teaser 1: cereal

Answer to Brain Teaser 2: milk

Section 2: One at a Time

Here’s how you can change the word DOG to CAT by changing just one letter at a time:  DOG, DOT, COT, CAT

Brain Teaser 3: Change DUCK to DEER in the same way, in 4 steps. Be sure to spell real words each time.

Brain Teaser 4: Change MEAT to MILK in 6 steps or less.

Brain Teaser 5: Change LIFE to BOAT in 6 steps or less.

Answer Time

Answer to Brain Teaser 3: DUCK, DECK, PECK, PEER, DEER

Answer to Brain Teaser 4: MEAT, MELT, WELT, WILT, SILT, SILK, MILK

Answer to Brain Teaser 5: LIFT, SIFT, SOFT, SOOT, BOOT, BOAT


Section 3: Quick Lists

Brain Teaser 6: List 4 or more words that use the letter i more than twice.

Brain Teaser 7: List 4 or more words with the letters eau.

Brain Teaser 8: List 20 or more occupations that do not end in or, er, or ar.


Brain Teaser 9: Can you also list 3 words of 8 or more letters that begin with r, end with r, and have at least one r in between?

Brain Teaser 10: List at least 10 words that contain the letter pair rh.

Brain Teaser 11: Without using a dictionary, list 6 words that come between laughter and law alphabetically.

Answer Time

Answer to Brain Teaser 6: inability, indivisible, indivisibility, implicit, invisible, illicit

Answer to Brain Teaser 7: beau, beauty, beautiful, bureau, bureaucracy, trousseau

Answer to Brain Teaser 8: accountant, actress, artist, attorney, chef, clerk, cook, custodian, dean, flight attendant, historian, musician, percussionist, pilot, president, representative, referee, repairman, restaurateur, student, waitress

Answer to Brain Teaser 9: referrer, refrigerator, reservoir, roadrunner

Answer to Brain Teaser 10: carhop, rhapsody, rhesus, rhetoric, rheumatism, rhinestone, rhinoceros, rhododendron, rhombus, rhubarb, rhyme, rhythm

Answer to Brain Teaser 11: launch, launder, laundry, laurel, lava, lavatory, lavender, lavish


Had fun solving the teasers? We will be back with some more teasers tomorrow. Till then, Doodles!!!

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