What is Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj? Why do we celebrate it? Know its significance, history, and more, here!

The festivities aren't over yet as Bhai Dooj is just around the corner. Bhai Dooj, an Indian festival, is celebrated to cherish the bond between a brother and his sister. Know the significance of the festival here.
What is Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj? Why do we celebrate it? Know its significance, history, and more, here!
What is Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj? Why do we celebrate it? Know its significance, history, and more, here!

No matter how many cartoons come and go, Tom and Jerry has always been a top favorite of many folks.




 Well, the funny love-hate relationship between Tom and Jerry has always been a delight to watch.


Not many people realize this, but many of us share a similar fun and fight-filled relationship with our siblings.


The relationship between brothers and sisters is perhaps the most beautiful yet underrated bond.

However, Indian tradition never fails to acknowledge and appreciate every special bond we cherish in our lives.


Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj is one such special day to acknowledge the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters.


Bhai Dooj is a day that celebrates the pious bond between a sister and a brother. It is observed following the Diwali festivities. 

On this day, sisters perform the auspicious tika ceremony and wish and pray for a long, prosperous, and happy life for their dear brothers. 


On the other hand, brothers offer their sisters gifts and presents, while promising to look out for their sisters.

When do we celebrate Bhai Dooj?

Bhai Dooj is observed every year on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik as per the Hindi calendar.


What all names are given to the festival?


The festival of Bhai Dooj is known by many names across the country. These are Bhaiya Dooj, "Bhatra Dwithiya", "Bhai Phota", "Bhau Beej", "Bhai Dwitiya", "Bhathru Dwithiya", and more.

When will Bhai Dooj be celebrated this year?


Usually, Bhai Dooj is celebrated two days after Diwali. However, this year, it will be celebrated 3 days after Diwali. This means that Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on October 27, 2022. Actually, the festival will start on the 2nd day after Diwali and will continue till the 3rd day, as per astrologers.

Auspicious time to celebrate Bhai Dooj, 2022


According to astrologers, the auspicious time to celebrate Bhai Dooj commences at 2:34 PM on Wednesday and ends at 1:18 PM- 3:30 PM the following day, i.e. Thursday.

Why do we celebrate Bhai Dooj?


According to Hindu mythology, the God of Death, Yamraj, was once called by Yamuna, his sister. However, Yamraj was not able to pay her a visit.

After many frantic efforts, he finally managed to meet his sister. Yamuna welcomed Yamraj warmly with delicious dishes.

Yamuna applied some tilak on her brother's forehead as well.

Yamraj was overwhelmed with the love and warm welcome of his sister, he asked Yamuna if she wanted a boon.

Yamuna loved her brother so much that she wanted one day fixed every year on which Yamraj would visit Yamuna.


It is believed that from this day onwards, Bhai Dooj is celebrated every year, and brothers fondly visit their sisters' houses to offer or seek blessings.

How is Bhai Dooj celebrated?


For the Bhai Dooj pooja, sisters must prepare a thali (round plate), consisting of a small diya, roli tika, a little rice, betel leaves  batshas, sweets, and coconut.

The sister must first apply a tika on her brother's forehead while wishing for his safety and prosperity. 

Next,  the brother offers gifts, warmth, and love to his sister.


The festival may be celebrated differently in different corners of the country. However, the essence to celebrate the love and piousness of the relationship between a brother and a sister remains the same.


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