What is meant by International Law? Ever considered it as a career? Let’s find out!

Law enthusiasts, pay attention! International law deals with the relationships among different countries. This makes it an impactful and lucrative legal field. Interested to know more? Read on.
What is International law?
What is International law?

Law graduates often find themselves stuck in the tunnel of darkness, but not many know the presence of the light at the end of the tunnel.


 And what if we say that there is no “one” source of light, but are actually plenty? Well, gone is the time when law graduates had only one or two career paths to follow. Today, there are tremendous opportunities for law graduates for aspirants in the legal field, and of these is International law.


What is meant by International law?

International law is a set of laws, rules, and agreements that binds foreign entities and countries. The field is also popularly known as the law of nations. The study governs the relationships and interactions among sovereign states and non-sovereign bodies.


International law aims to enhance diplomatic and economic relations and peace among nations. International law establishes guidelines in domains like prevention of war, human rights, environmental justice, territorial sovereignty, international trade, migration, just treatment of prisoners, and more. The aim is to prevent hostility between countries and foster peace.


What do international lawyers do? How do they work?


International lawyers are trained professionals practicing international law. They are trained in critical analysis, writing, public speaking, and negotiating. Moreover, some of these lawyers can speak many foreign languages, which helps them communicate well with people from different nations.


Key Responsibilities


An international lawyer must be following some key duties. They may be:


  • Drafting trade agreements for national governments 
  • Expressing the international code of conduct to freshly elected officials
  • Drafting legal terms and treaty stipulations on behalf of state officials
  • They have the art of negotiating. They negotiate settlements for foreign corporations

All in all, international lawyers play a key role in fostering world peace.


Becoming an international lawyer requires immense hard work, but it is all worth it. Follow the step-by-step guidelines.


Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree


A good bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in the United States is the first ladder you have to climb in order to get admitted into any law school.


Step 2: The LSAT exam


Taking an LSAT exam comes as the second step. The LSAT exam consists of 5 sections consisting of multiple choice questions, along with one unscored writing sample section.


The aspirants are judged on their reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and writing skills. The maximum mark one can obtain in the test is 180 and the lowest mark one can get is 120.


Step 3: Law school


Becoming an attorney demands you complete your law school training. Your law school must be accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).


Step 4: Clear the Bar examination


In order to become a practicing attorney, one must pass the bar exam, as per the requirements t of most U.S. states. Usually, the bar exam is a three-part test including essay questions and multiple choice.


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