What research says about Hand Dryers?

Hand dryer is a machine which is used in public toilets to dry wet hands. But is it safe to use, is it harmful to our health or not? Let us study from the researches done by various researchers regarding the hand dryer through this article.
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What research says about Hand Dryers?
What research says about Hand Dryers?

With the development of science and technology, we can't ignore that we are becoming more dependent on machines, due to which several changes are seen in the health like more prone to various diseases, obesity etc.

You must have seen hand dryer in the toilet in public places. People are using it for drying their hands after washing. We all know that 80 percent infection spread through hands. That is why we should wash hands before eating or after doing lunch and dinner. Besides washing, it is also important to dry your hands. That's why, to save the paper nowadays hand dryer is being used in public toilets.

But do you know that this drying machine is quite harmful for health. It can cause many types of serious frailties. Let us study through this article that using a hand dryer may lead to diseases or not is it safe or not, in reality is it harmful, what researches shows about it etc.

Let us first study what is Hand Dryer?

What is Hand Dryer Machine

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Hand dryer is a machine which is used to dry wet hands in public places like parks, shopping malls, PVR's, toilets etc. The hot air that comes out of it makes our hands dry in a few minutes.

Many a times it happens that in a hurry, we come out without drying our hands completely which may be more harmful.

Do you know that in the high velocity of jet dryer, five times more bacteria are found than that of hot dryers? Therefore, it can also cause dangerous diseases.

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What Research says about Hand Dryers?

1. The study published in the medical Journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology says that hand dryers disperse bacteria and may be contribute in spreading the harmful bacterial infections.

Regarding this lot of research was done, which focused on hand-washing and hand-drying techniques. Microbiologists compared jet air dryers to warm air dryers and paper towels and they found that:
- The jet air dryer dispersed 20 times more virus than the warm air dryer and over 190 times more than paper towels at six different heights and also same at nine different heights.
- The impact of the virus was greatest at 2 ½ feet to 4.1 feet.

2. Another study report has found that in the public toilets, the bacteria that emit after flushing are pulled by the hand dryer. Some experiments were also done during the study: The utensils containing bacteria in the bathroom were left for 18 hours and saw that the number of bacteria increased. Then these utensils were placed in a bathroom where the hand dryer machine was kept and found that within 30 seconds the number of bacteria was increased by 254.

Studies have shown that these bacteria may contain Staphylococcus aureus which can make you resistant to antibiotic like Methicillin drug etc. and people may suffer from diseases such as sepsis, pneumonia, or toxic shock syndrome etc. He also said that the warm air coming out of the hand dryer makes spores bacteria to stick to our hand, which further can lead to diarrhoea, dehydration.

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3. According to a study conducted by the British researchers, when another person is using a hand dryer, it can also infect people standing near by it. The matter of concern is that these hand dryers spread bacteria almost one meter of distance from the floor. When paper towels are used for drying hands, there is no dispersion of bacteria.

4. According to the Ministry of Health, the use of paper towel for hand drying will reduce the number of bacteria by 45 to 60 percent which hand dryer can increase it by 255 percent.

5. According to Dr. Amos Otedo, Kisumu physician, using hand dryer after washing hands will not be better for health. He said that even after drying hands with hand dryer, little moisture left and increases the possibility of spreading bacteria.

So we have seen that according to the Researchers using hand dryer machine is not good for health and also for both the persons who are drying hands and those who are standing near by it.

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