Where Is Daisy- The Cat? Can You Find It In This Optical Illusion Picture?

Cats are playful creatures and do not miss any chance to prank their owners. Help Mrs. Jennifer find the hidden cat Daisy in the picture.
Find the hidden cat
Find the hidden cat

Have you seen any meek cat who follows all the instructions of her owner?


 Have you ever come across a cat that sits in one place, does not litter or poop anywhere she wants, follows her owner’s instructions, is sweet to everyone, and never acts mischievously?


Well, if you have seen any such cat in your lifetime, we and Mrs. Jennifer envy you!


It won’t be fair to consider that Mrs. Jennifer’s cat is an obedient pet.


Perhaps troubling Mrs. Jennifer is the cat’s most passionate project.

Whenever Mrs. Jennifer finds herself in a relaxed mood, her neighbors load her ears with thousands of complaints about her little, mischievous cat, Daisy!


Just like today, Mrs. Jennifer was getting late for the office when Daisy spilled all the milk on the floor. Poor Mrs. Jennifer had to rush to the mart to get some extra milk bottles, only to come and find Daisy missing!


Mrs. Jennifer’s blood ran cold. She rushed to look for her lost pet.


Let’s Help Mrs. Jennifer Find The Hidden Cat Before She Gets Late For Her Work!



Image Source: The Quiz Central



Could You Find Daisy?


Mrs. Jennifer rushed to ask the locals. She missed a beat when she got to know that the cat quietly followed one of the new neighbors to his home.


Follow These Hints To Track Daisy:



  • Daisy hates walking on the streets in the daytime, as she can’t bear the hot sun.


  • As per the locals, Daisy was seen quietly following a neighbor, tip-toeing to his house.


  • Daisy loves looking at the locals from a top view!


  • Daisy is a white cat with brown spots on her face.


Oh, Here Is The Little Brat!



Image Source: The Quiz Central




Oh, Daisy, why do you trouble Mrs. Jennifer so much?



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