Why are school buses yellow in colour?

Have you ever noticed why school buses are painted yellow in colour? Is there any scientific reason behind it? Let us find out from this article.
Created On: Mar 13, 2018 18:03 IST
Why are school buses yellow in colour?
Why are school buses yellow in colour?

You must have noticed that every school bus has its school name written on it and is painted with yellow colour. Colours have their own importance. Even traffic lights have been installed with different colour lighting system, with the help of which traffic is controlled. In the same way the school bus has also given a colour and that is yellow. But the question is why most of the school buses are painted with yellow colour? Is there any scientific reason behind it? Let us study through this article.
Why only yellow colour?
We all know that the red colour has a maximum wavelength approximately 650 nm among the various components of white light. It does not scatter easily and also clearly visible from a distance. But the red colour is associated with the caution so, it would not be a good option to paint the school bus with red colour. Now the question arises, why then most of the school buses are painted with yellow colour?
Yellow colour gives different appearance

Yellow colour in School bus
The school bus is painted yellow because it attracts us quickly and gives a distinctive appearance to grab the attention immediately. It has been seen that when we come across many colours in our daily life, the yellow colour is the most visible colour to the eye. The yellow colour of the school bus is also known as the National School Bus chrome yellow.

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Scientific reason behind painting the yellow colour to the school bus
Yellow colour is a colour that we can easily see from a distance, even in rain, fog and dew. Not only this, if we look at many colours together then also yellow colour first attracts our attention.
According to the scientists, the lateral peripheral vision of yellow is 1.24 times greater than the red colour. This means that as compared to the rest of the colours, yellow has 1.24 times more attraction and also more visibility. Even when you are not looking straight, then also you can easily spot the yellow colour. That's why the school bus is painted with yellow so that the possibility of accidents on the highway will be less and children can reach their home safely.
Did you know that in the early 1930s, in the US, it was confirmed that there is more attraction in yellow colour than any other colours. That is why some signalling boards are painted with yellow colour.
Guidelines of High Court for Schools
In 2012, the High Court had introduced some guidelines to make some changes in the schools, they are as follows:
-  The name of the school should be written on the school bus.
-  The mobile number of the Principal should be mentioned on the school bus.
-  First aid facility should be available in the school bus.
-  In order to determine or to maintain the speed of the bus, it should contain speed governor.
-  Verification of the school bus driver is necessary.
So, now you have come to know why most of the school buses are painted with yellow colour and what is the scientific reason behind it?

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