11 reasons you should choose green tea over coffee in office

Can’t start your day at office without coffee? Then you must quit this habit. Here are 11 reasons that prove green tea is a far better choice over coffee for office health.

Updated: Dec 20, 2017 12:48 IST
11 reasons you should choose green tea over coffee in office
11 reasons you should choose green tea over coffee in office

Ask any office goer, how they overcome the morning drowsiness and begin their work day. Most of them would reply that the morning cup of coffee or a full-cup of ‘chai’ is the fuel that gets them started. But, while coffee and tea might give you some instant relief and energy to cope up with the work pressure, it surely affects your health adversely.

Does this mean that you have to give up your love for hot beverages to help you beat the Monday Blues and get your going in office? The simple answer is NO! There is one healthy alternative that can replace your tea or coffee cravings without giving any health problems i.e. Green Tea. Yes, Green Tea is one alternative that can be the fuel that drives your office life and also safeguards and improves your overall health. Don’t believe us yet? Here are 11 health benefits of Green Tea that will convince you.

1. Weight Loss

Office goers enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting idle at your desk for the whole day staring at a computer screen can surely add a few pounds to your weight. If you have also gained a few pounds in last few years due to your office life, Green Tea is perfect for you. Green Tea is known to increase metabolism and thereby help in the process of weight loss. Polyphenol which is found in Green Tea is a catalyst that intensifies fat oxidation and thereby aids in the process of losing weight. There are several studies which back the claim that Green Tea is a natural way to lose the extra pounds you gained sitting at your office desk. 

2. Regulation of Blood Pressure

Another study has revealed that regular consumption of Green Tea has shown incredible results in regulation of Blood Pressure. Some researchers even claim that compared to coffee or tea, Green Tea contains much less caffeine and thereby reduces the chances of high blood pressure among office goers.  In fact, people who regularly drink Green Tea have low risk of high blood pressure. The high epigallocatechingallate content in Green Tea is responsible for this health benefit of this beverage.

3. Overcoming Depression

At times, office life can be highly stressful leading to depression among working professionals. In fact, in Indian context, depression is very common among private sector employees who work in highly competitive corporate environments. If you want to get over depression, Green Tea can be your perfect companion. Green Tea contains Theanine which is a naturally found amino acid in the tea leaves. As per studies, Theanine is known to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect helping in overcoming the challenge of depression.

4. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Want to boost your immunity to make sure that viral and bacterial illnesses do not affect you? You can again depend upon Green Tea. Tea catechins contained in the Green Tea act as strong antibacterial and antiviral agents. They are highly effective in boosting your overall immunity and protecting you against common illnesses such as influenza. Many scientific studies have also proven that regular consumption of Green Tea leads to better immunity among office folks.

5. Brain function

For a working professional, brain is their biggest asset that helps them perform various tasks and complete different responsibilities assigned to them. Therefore, keeping brain safe and active is pivotal for office goers. Green tea contains several compounds that can improve your brain function and make you smarter. Caffeine which is a stimulant is also found in Green Tea leaves in trace amounts and helps in giving you the ‘kick’ you need early in the morning to get started with your day. Although, because it is found in trace amounts (unlike coffee), it doesn’t impact your health adversely.

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6. Stress Buster

Office Life is equal to stress. Short deadlines and pending work can surely impact your mental health giving you stress and frustration as the by-products of your office life. If you want a perfect stress buster right within your office premises, you can choose Green Tea. Thiamine, which is a key ingredient in Green Tea is known to have a calming effect on office goers, helping them to cope up with office stress. Decaffeinated green tea acts as a perfect substitute for coffee.

7. Dental Health

Dental Hygiene and health are two factors that are highly ignored in India. Even highly education working professionals don’t really pay the required attention to their dental health. Although it may not impact you right now, but poor dental hygiene will surely show its effects in old age. To avoid this, you can pick up a cup of Green Tea every day. Green Tea contains catechins which can kill bacteria and improve dental health by lowering the chances of infection. Streptococcus mutans which is one of main harmful bacteria in the mouth can be killed by Tea catechins. Green Tea also inhibits the growth of Streptococcus bacteria.

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8. Heart Diseases

Sedentary lifestyle and junk food; these two have become the biggest health risks for working professionals. Coincidently, these two are also responsible for heart diseases. Many scientists have suggested that green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, keeping them healthy and better equipped to withstand blood pressure. This helps in avoiding formation of clots which are the primarily responsible for heart attacks.

9. Cholesterol Control

Office parties are agreat way to connect with your colleagues and enjoy yourself, but they also give you high cholesterol which is bad for your health. Green Tea also helps in controlling cholesterol which is highly harmful for working professionals; thereby lowering the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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10. Diabetes

Just like heart diseases, Diabetes is another killer illness that is plaguing working professionals today. In fact, many studies have found that India is undergoing a serious diabetes epidemic. To safeguard you against this, office goers can depend upon Green Tea. This magical drink is known to regulate glucose levels and thereby controlling the rise of blood sugar after eating. Similarly, some studies have also shown that Green Tea can manage high insulin spikes and fat storage again helping in keeping Diabetes at bay.

11. Skin-Care

Worried about wrinkles or dry and patchy skin that makes you look old. Worry not – Green Tea is at your service. Green Tea is known to control wrinkles and signs of aging. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Green Tea is known to be highly effective when it comes to skincare.

So, there you have it; 11 super-important benefits of Green Tea for office goers. While doubters would suggest that many of these health benefits have not been proven or still need further studies; it is proven beyond doubt that there are no side-effects to it. So, why not give it  a try.

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Know any other benefits of Green Tea for office goers which should be on this list, please let us know through your comments below. You can also find other interesting articles about office life and health at www.jagranjosh.com.

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