18 Year Old Kills Self While CBSE Helpline Fails to Help

The CBSE had launched the helpline with much fanfare to cater to the examination related anxieties and apprehensions of the students, but the tragic incident where an 18 year old school girl from Ludhiana (Punjab) committed suicide due to the examination related stress highlights the rather lackadaisical efforts on the part of the CBSE and the state education department to assist students during these intense times.

Created On: Feb 24, 2015 15:00 IST

These days students are undergoing extreme examination related stress as the burden of performing exceptionally well in the examination is getting better of the young minds. Things have taken a tragic turn as the news have come in about an 18-year-old school girl from Ludhiana (Punjab) committing suicide due to the examination related stress which further highlights the worrying trend that students are not able to cope with their fears and anxieties related to exams and are taking the extreme step.

The CBSE had launched a helpline with much fanfare to cater to the examination related anxieties and apprehensions of the students but however even this seems to be having zero or minimal effect thereby defeating the very purpose for which it was launched. With no remedial measures taken either by the CBSE or the state education department reflects the casual approach of these two bodies in failing to provide students with all the help to overcome the exam related stress.

Sangeeta Kapoor, a parent while expressing her views as a feedback for the CBSE helpline said, "My daughter is very much stressed because of her board exams and  keeps on studying for the whole day in her room. To get some tips to help her relieving the stress I decided to call up the CBSE helpline number, but even after repeated attempts I could not connect to the counselor."

In their defence, the counselors appointed to take the calls said that the line is getting crashed due to the heavy traffic as a result of the numerous calls made by the help seekers.

Moreover, the state education department has not introduced any helpline for students of private or aided schools under Punjab School of Education Board. Instead, in the name of counseling support, it has employed those teachers who interact with students about exam related issues.

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