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Want to build a lucrative career as a Lawyer? Find out what does it take to become a successful lawyer in India through this video.

Career in Law
Career in Law

Generally, college students don’t really want to be on the wrong side of law; but when it comes to popular career choices, Law or being a Lawyer or an Advocate ranks quite high on the link. Despite the emergence of new age career options, Law or career as a lawyer is still one of the most lucrative career choices in India.

While the traditional understanding of Lawyer’s profession is quite limited to court cases and legal proceedings; things have changed quite drastically in the recent times. Today, one can find career opportunities for lawyers and advocates not only as individual practioners who appear in courts but also as employees in corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services and many more managing and safeguarding their legal position in the market.

Therefore, it is time to have a re-look at the career option of law and the profession of lawyer with a fresh outlook. Today, we have with us Mr (Insert Name), who will guide us through the different aspects of legal professional and how can students pick the right path to become a successful lawyer in India.

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How can one become a successful Lawyer in India?

As far as education is concerned, one can take up LLB or LLM courses at any of the top law universities in India to earn a degree. Thereafter, to practice law, one has to register with the Bar Council. Alternatively, post earning your degree, you can become a legal counsel or advisor to corporate firms as well.

Top Colleges and Courses to become a successful Lawyer

To become a lawyer in India, you need to complete your graduate and masters degree in Law i.e. LLB and LLM. These degrees are offered by several universities in India.

All major law colleges in India admit students on the basis of CLAT or Common Law Admission Test which is a national level entrance exam. On the basis of your CLAT score, you can seek admission to any of the 14 National Law Universities (NLUs), TNNLS Tiruchirappalli, DSNLU Visakhapatnam, Nirma Ahmedabad etc.

In addition to this, different Universities such as Delhi University or Mumbai University also offer LLB and LLM Courses for which they conduct their own admission test or entrance exams.

What are key skills that one should possess to become a good lawyer?

Some of the key skills that one must possess to become a good Lawyer are:

• Patience

• Good listener

• Presentable communication skills

• Quick responsiveness

• Logical reasoning capability

• Flexible but attentive mind

• Out of the hat thinking ability

• Good orator

As a lawyer, what are key roles and responsibilities that one has to handle?

There are different types and functions that a lawyer can specialize in. Some of them are:

• Criminal Lawyer: Specialises in criminal laws CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act and various other penal laws.

• Civil Lawyer: Specializes in civil laws e.g. taxation laws, excise laws.

• Legal Analyst: Works for corporate firms or law firms and analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operation.

• Document Drafting Lawyer: Specialises in drafting various documents containing agreements, terms and conditions, case material, etc.

• Legal Journalist: Covers crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts, international courts and arbitration events.

• Legal Advisor: Offers consultancy to corporate firms regarding their legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms.

• Government Lawyer: Works for the government and in close coordination with the police.

What are the salary prospects for a lawyer in India?

Reputed Advocate Mr Prashant Bhushan has rightly said that “Do not look at Law as a means for making money. Look at law as an instrument for securing justice to people.” But, as a profession or a career option, candidates taking up Lawyer as a career option can earn starting salary of Rs 20,000 per month; as an individual practioner or even as part of a legal firm.

However, you might have heard about some top lawyers, who have grown in experience and stature, who charge around Rs 5 to 8 lakh for every appearance in court. So, as a career option there is no dearth of money or salary in the legal profession, but you must first refine your skills, gain relevant experience and build your name as a successful lawyer.

Thank you Sir, for sharing these insights about Career as a Lawyer, I am sure our viewers would benefit a lot from the knowledge and experiences you have shared with us.

As told by Mr (Insert Name), career as a lawyer is definitely a very popular and lucrative career option in India. But along with helping you just earn money or get a good salary, it also gives you an opportunity to be a warrior for justice and help people.

If you have any other questions about Career as a Lawyer, do let us know through your comments below and we shall try to answer them soon. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends who might be interested in becoming a Lawyer. For more videos related to career advice and career guidance, please visit

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