CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam 2020: Important Tips for Writing a Flawless Paper Today

Check here some important tips to write the Maths exam perfectly and stay organised to complete the paper in 3 hours.

Important Things to Consider While Writing the CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper
Important Things to Consider While Writing the CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper

CBSE Class 10 students will write their most important exam today which is of Mathematics. Maths is one of the highest scoring subjects in class 10. However, majority of the students fear this subject the most. Due to their anxiety and fear, students often panic while writing the exam which hampers their performance leading to a low score in the paper. To help such students do well in their Maths exam, we are briefing here a few important things which must be kept in mind while writing the exam. These simple yet effective tips will help you reduce the pressure and stay organised in the paper so that you may write your paper flawlessly within 3 hours duration.  

1. The First most important thing is to utilise additional 15 minutes to read the question paper properly. Read all the 40 questions to get an idea about easy, moderate and tough questions.

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2. Next is to start your paper with attempting known questions first and keep the unknown problems for last. It is a well observed fact that starting with the familiar questions in the paper will gain you the confidence for the difficult problems as well. 

3. Do not forget to write down the question number clearly. 

4. As always suggested, write your solutions in step-wise manner. Do not skip any calculation.

5. Write the formula, theorem and property clearly (wherever required) for the justification of your answer.

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6. Manage your time carefully for all the four sections of the CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper. You may also consider the time plan prepared by the examination experts at Jagran Josh which is as follows:



Section A – 20 Objective Type Questions (1 mark each)

30 minutes

Section B – 6 Short Answer Type Questions - I (2 marks each)

25 minutes

Section C – 8 Short Answer Type Questions – II (3 marks each)

50 minutes

Section D – 6 Long Answer Type Questions (4 marks each)

60 minutes

Total – 40 questions

165 minutes

In remaining 15-20 minutes, revise all your answers.

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7. In questions from mensuration and trigonometry (including heights and distances), try to represent the problem by drawing a figure so that you may clearly know what to find in the question.

8. Draw the graphs and figures neatly using pencil and scale.

9. Double-check the calculations in each solution to avoid any error in the final answer.

10. Keep your answers and solutions well-spaced so that examiner can clearly read and understand each line/step.

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11. Do not panic anytime as it will distract your concentration which will ultimately cause the important information to skip from your brain. So, try to keep calm in any situation.

12. Manage the time and accuracy simultaneously.

13. In last, recheck the entire answer sheet to remove any silly mistakes and make sure that you do not skip any question.

To score good marks in the Maths paper, your presentation plays a very important role. So, take the above tips seriously to write the today's paper flawlessly and help you secure high marks.

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