CBSE inquires an answer from the JEE centre

Students complain about the misconduct during the JEE Exam on April 6.

Created On: Apr 11, 2014 04:37 IST
Modified On: Apr 11, 2014 17:02 IST

The deputy secretary of Central Board of Secondary Education, Mr. J K Yadav has asked for "comments" from Government Polytechnic at Panjrapole on the matter of misconduct during JEE exam on 6th April.

This growth comes in the stir of some students having sent emails to the officials of Central Board of Secondary Education crabbing about the pandemonium during the examination at the centre. In his rejoinder to the students' e mails, Mr J K Yadav has also said that the students who were exaggerated by the disarray will be properly conversant about the board's action after it obtains the feedback from centre.

Students had written an e-mail to CBSE chairman, Mr Vineet Joshi and marked copies to joint Secretary Mr Rajbir Singh and deputy secretary J K Yadav. Students had also sent their remonstration by a registered post.

Consistent with the students, the dilemma started when some English medium students were asked to give back question papers instantly after allotment. "JEE question papers are obtainable in a blend of 2 languages in the state – Hindi and English, or Gujarati and English. Some English medium students like me were solicited to return their English-Hindi question papers. We were then prearranged English-Gujarati papers," a student affirmed.

They say this could be owing to dearth of question papers for the students belonging to Hindi medium. As a consequence of this, they had to alter the particulars in the OMR sheets & carve the applicable details once more, thus wasting about half-an-hour of the valuable exam time. Around 58 students were exaggerated by this.

The students asserted that the mistakes were stanched by the staff set up for the carrying out of the JEE. They have also necessitated knowing how CBSE will assess the OMR sheets with overwriting and have appealed the board to carry out the examination yet again.

A parent, whose son appeared for the examination, affirmed: "My son has to give other examinations, so I have abstracted his mind from the awful experience & I am cheering him to give other examinations with a constructive attitude."

Another parent stated, "My daughter had devoted 2 years for getting ready for this examination but the sheer bedlam at the examination centre has disappointed her. My only appeal to CBSE is that either they should re - conduct the examination for all the students of the centre or offer some grace marks."


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