CDS (II) 2017 Exam: English Practice Questions - Synonyms Set 04

The practice questions on synonyms along with detailed answers help the CDS II 2017 exam aspirants in the preparation for the English paper.

Nov 14, 2017 10:30 IST
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CDS (II) 2017 Exam: English Practice Questions -  Synonyms Set 04
CDS (II) 2017 Exam: English Practice Questions - Synonyms Set 04

The UPSC will conduct the CDS (II) Exam 2017 on 19 November 2017. For the benefit of aspirants, Jagran Josh is providing the following questions on synonyms. The answers along with explanations as given below will help the candidates in understanding the nature of the questions in the exam.

Directions for the following ten items:

Each item consists of a word in capital letters followed by four words or groups of words. Select the word or groups of words that is most similar in meaning to the word in the capital letters.

a) Visible
b) Small
c) Distant
d) Unclear

Answer. (a) Visible
Synonyms for Conspicuous are - easily seen, clear, visible, clearly visible, standing out, noticeable, observable, discernible, perceptible, perceivable and detectable.


a) Inefficient
b) Irrational
c) Idealistic
d) Realistic

Answer. (d) Realistc
Synonyms for PRAGMATIC are – practical, efficient, logical and businesslike.

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a) Idleness
b) Weakness
c) Capacity
d) Impotence

Answer. (c) Capacity
The meaning for the efficacy is - the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Synonyms for EFFICACY are – adequacy, potency, virtue, energy, force, influence, etc.


a) Inborn
b) Acquired
c) Learned
d) Meditated

Answer. (a) Inborn
Synonyms for INNATE are – elemental, unacquired, ingrained, intuitive, etc.


a) Modern
b) Archaic
c) Auxillary
d) Current

Answer. (b) Archaic
Synonyms for PRIMITIVE are – basic, primeval, pristine, essential, fundamental, etc.


a) Abnormal
b) Irregular
c) Conventional
d) Different

Answer. (c) Conventional
Synonlyms for TRADITIONAL are – classic, common, historic, regular, popular, ancestral, rooted, etc.

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a) Reality
b) Assumption
c) Truth
d) Proof

Answer. (b) Assumption
Synonyms for HYPOTHESIS are – axiom, conclusion, guess, inference, etc.


a) Bravery
b) Courage
c) Different
d) Timidity

Answer. (d) Timidity
Synonyms for COWARDICE are – fear, funk, wimpiness, etc.


a) Mastery
b) Ignorance
c) Awkwardness
d) Clumsiness

Answer. (a) Mastery
Synonyms for DEXTERITY are – artistry, cleverness, deftness, ingenuity, skill, etc.


a) Forfeit
b) Surrender
c) Yield
d) Abound

Answer. (d) Abound
Synonyms for PREVAIL are – Overcome, prove, obtain, reign, succeed, etc.

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