Corporation Bank PO Exam 2011- Reasoning Ability Question Paper

Find here the 2011 Reasoning Ability Question Paper of Corporation Bank PO Exam.

Solve Here the Reasoning Ability Question of Corporation Bank 2011 PO Exam.

1. What is a benefit of networking your computer with other computers?

(A) Increase the computer's speed

(B) Sharing of cables to cut down on expenses and clutter

(C) You have another computer if yours has a breakdown

(D) Increase the speed of the network

(E) Sharing of resources to cut down on the amount of equipment needed

2. ROM tells the computer to _________

(A) disconnect the computer

(B) start up the operating system

(C) connect to the hardware

(D) turn on

(E) pass on data to the RAM

3. Why is technology an important job skill?

(A) Technology plays an essential role inmost workplaces today

(B) Employers are only looking for people with technology experience

(C) Without technology skills you cannot use a job-search Website

(D) Employers are looking for people to use Microsoft Office

(E) It is in vogue

4. How do businesses protect their databases?

(A) Security guards are hired to watch the databases at all times

(B) Databases are protected by file swapping

(C) Databases are naturally protected

(D) Databases are kept physically and electronically secure

(E) The computer room is kept locked after office hours

5. A(n) ........ contains text, as well as information about the text.

(A) annotated language

(B) browser language

(C) markup language

(D) protocol language

(E) machine language


Corporation Bank PO Exam 2011- Reasoning Ability Question Paper

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