CTET: Child Developemt Questions-1

There is a plenty of time left for CTET 2017 as the notfication of the exam has not come out. Here, we have given 10 questions from Child Development section of the exam.

CTET: Child Developemt Questions-1
CTET: Child Developemt Questions-1

Q1: A teacher in the class room is considered as a ?
(1) Speaker
(2) Leader
(3) Friend
(4) Thinker

What will be your attitude for the students who are backward in studies?
(1) Harsh
(2) Sympathetic
(3) Liberal
(4) Lovable

Q3: For harmonious development of the personality of the child, parent should
(1) Overprotect the child.
(2) Regularly compare the child with other children.
(3) Provide conducive environment at home.
(4) Engage qualified teachers.

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Q4: What is most essential characteristic of a good teacher?
(1) Sympathy for students.
(2) Proficiency of language.
(3) Thoroughness of knowledge.
(4) Effective communication.

Q5: The Main objective of teaching is :
(1) To give notes to students.
(2) To prepare students to pass the examinations.
(3) To prepare students for jobs.
(4) To develop the thinking power of students.

The achievement of a student mainly depends on?
(1) The use of good textbooks.
(2) The care taken by the parents.
(3) The teaching-learning process in the classroom.
(4) The discipline imposed in the school.

Q7: I like the teacher who.....
(1) Has pleasing personality.
(2) Is friendly with students.
(3) Has strict control over the students.
(4) Knows the problems of students and helps them.

Q8: Absenteeism in the class can be reduced by ...
(1) Teaching effectively and regularly.
(2) Ignoring the fact of absenteeism.
(3) Punishing the students.
(4) Informing the parents.

The new millennium teacher is addressed as
(1) Guide
(2) Learning facilitator
(3) Friend
(4) Philosopher

Career Counseling

Q10: What should a teacher do If a student is aggressive in the class?
 (1) Inform police.
(2) Inform the headmaster.
(3) Advise him properly.
(4) Punish him.

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1:  (2) Leader

2:  (2) Sympathetic

3:  (3) provide conducive environment at home.

4:  (1) Sympathy for students.

5:  (4) To develop the thinking power of students.

6:  (3) The teaching-learning process in the classroom.

7:  (4) knows the problems of students and helps them.

8:  (1) Teaching effectively and regularly.

9:  (2) Learning facilitator

10: (3) Advise him properly.

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