CTET September 2016: Quiz Set -3

Jagranjosh is providing you the set of quiz for the CTET Sept. 2016 exam, which will help you to prepare for this exam.

CTET Exam (18th Sept. 2016)

Mock Test (Child development and Pedagogy)

Q1.Which of the following is not an objective test?

Answer: 4

Q 2. What do you understand by Piaget's Pre-operational stage?1.Children are pre determined
2.Children cannot perform mental operations
3.Children have a pre set of notions
4.Children are pre planned to do work

Answer: 2

Q 3.Who said that adolescence is a period of storm & stress'?
1.G. Stanley Hall
2.John Watson
3.William James
4.B.F. Skinner

Answer: 1

Q 4.According to Koehlberg, moral reasoning is based on external rewards & punishments. This reasoning is a part of:
1.Pre- conventional
4.None of these

Answer: 1

Q 5.Progressive education programmes have a few good points. Which of the following is not a part of progressive education?
1.Emphasis on experimental learning
2.Emphasis on problem solving
3.Emphasis on extrinsic motivation
4.Emphasis on intrinsic motivation

Answer: 3

Q 6.According to you, learners are not_________.
1.Passive absorbers
2.Active participants
3.Problem solvers
4.Active planners

Answer: 1

Q 7.The another term for Dyslexia is:
1.Hearing disorder
2.Reading disorder
3.Speaking disorder

Answer: 2

Q 8.Who invented the first practical intelligence test?
1.Alfred Binet
2.William James
3.John Watson

Answer: 1

Q 9.The innate, learned or acquired ability of a person is one's___________.

Answer: 1

Q 10.A neuro developmental disorder which is characterized by impaired social interaction is________.
3.Hyperactive Syndrome
4.None of these

Answer: 2

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