Debate Topic: Peer pressure; useful or harmful?

At school, we get numerous opportunities to delve, explore the world with a very different perspective. We are not alone in the quest. Our parents, teachers, friends, and most importantly peers are with us. Peers, classmates are in the nearest proximity, both physically and metaphorically, and this nearness brings with itself certain kinds of emphasis or peer pressure.

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Here, we discuss the impact of peer pressure which many argue is necessary while others are of the view that it brings with it an unnecessary sense of rivalry which is not good for students.

Peer pressure useful harmful

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Peer pressure is useful: Peer pressure is useful since it makes us more observant, alert, and attentive to the happenings around us, even the small ones that we might look over but actually be helpful for our knowledge and development. Also, when our friends or classmates are good at studies and other activities it motivates us to match their performance. It is certainly good if we are lackadaisical and lazy.

When our peers achieve something it works as a wake-up call for us or we will be left behind. Taking inspiration from them will bring a positive change in our way of working.

For instance, if my classmate has adopted a certain timetable to study and it is delivering better results then I too can adopt that schedule and improve my grades. When we are with our peers we watch their habits and we can pick up some good habits from them, like reading, cycling, sketching etc. These habits will add to our personalities.

Being with a peer group can change our overall view of life from negative to positive and turn pressure into motivation, a positive force which will push us in the right direction.

Peer pressure is harmful: We all know the difficulties students have to face with their studies. There is a lot of stress on them to score well every time and it gets even harsher when peers get into the scene since our parents, teachers, and society always compares us to them without realising that we are different from others.

For example, if any one of my classmates is good at music and is popular because of that then it is very likely that my parents will push me to take up music. I might be strong in some other field, for e.g. soccer or ping pong. If my parents are adamant that I only do what my peer is doing then it will kill my real potential and cause me hurt. It will do great harm to my personality.

Same is for the career. If another student has taken science then it does not mean that I too should take science. I might be good at engineering or medicine so I should not be pressurised to do what others are doing.

If there are people in a peer group who have taken up bad habits like smoking or drinking which is bad for health. Sometimes the peer pressure gets on to you and you might start smoking, drinking against your will. Teenage is the vulnerable period of life and students must know the difference between good and bad and also have the courage to say no to pressure from peers.

Doing things just because others are doing will deprive us of our unique identity, originality, and individuality.

Success or happiness - what is more important?

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