Determinants (Part 2)

In this video we will study about the topic determinants up to order three only with real entries. We will also study various properties of determinants, minors, cofactors and applications of determinants in finding the area of a triangle, adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, consistency and inconsistency of system of linear equations and solution of linear equations in two or three variables using inverse of a matrix.

Determinants (Part 2)
Determinants (Part 2)

What is Determinants and Matrices. What are the applications of Determinants and Matrices in CBSE class 12 maths? How important the chapter determinant is? To get these answers, study the video and go through the text given below. Most of the students agreed that this is the easiest topic of CBSE class 12 mathematics. All you need is practice. This chapter contributes about 12 marks from the whole syllabus. This video will also help you to solve CBSE Important Questions of CBSE class 12 Mathematics based on the concepts thought in the NCERT BOOK.

In this video we will study about the topic Area of a Triangle, Minors and Cofactors, Adjoint and Inverse of a Matrix, Applications of Determinants and Matrices

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