Journey from being a Corporate Professional To an Entrepreneur

Are you leaving a corporate job, just to begin your career as an entrepreneur? But, you don't have any idea of what challenges you might have to face during this transition. Here we have listed most common.

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Journey from being a Corporate Professional To an Entrepreneur
Journey from being a Corporate Professional To an Entrepreneur

About three years ago, Vishal Kataria-founder of Aryatra-had put down the papers of his last corporate job, because he wanted to do something what he would wish to. During the courses of daily affairs of the profession, he used to think about the new horizon of success, probable opportunities, and challenges of the life. He had always been reluctant to stay in comfortable zone.

After quitting the job, the entrepreneurship gave him the opportunity and freedom to do what he always wanted to. Now, he was directly responsible for his conducts and actions. What is most interesting in the story of Vishal Kataria is that he has busted many myths and old beliefs during the course of his struggle, especially about the money.   

He wasn’t expert on managing money. But he developed a better perspective about this one. He continued learning of what had been teaching him to secure the future of his family. Here’re some debunked myths and lessons he learned during the course of struggle.

Money at centre of discussions is bad

Putting the money at centre of discussions makes most of the families nauseous. It is considered as a bad practice to discuss about money.From very first day of school to last of college, every institutional and social force, including family, friends and relatives, deliberately make us to admit that the studying hard and getting a good and lucrative job is the only way to earn money. As far as the upbringing of Kataria is concerned, he also grew up learning the same. 

But when he interacted with young businessmen, the remarkable ability to take good and quick decisions on money amazed him not less than enough. 

Interestingly, the son of his neighbour is just in his studies and pursuing XII. Yet, he correctly knows about every usual course of pharmacy business and how the pharmacy of his father is run. What spending is required and how the strategic and tactical changes benefit the business.

When he asked them how they developed suck a skills, they replied in almost the same way that their parents started discussing about money ever since they could remember.

The children grow up considering money as a scarce and evil commodity if their parents start demonising money. But what happens when children listens discussions and debates on money is that their entrepreneurial spirit is stoked. They become morally responsible.

It isn’t tough to make money

How would you react to those who say that they can earn money easily if they want to? The ex-boss of Vishal Kataria often boasted that earning money was an easy task if he wished to. He believed his boss. And he began thinking that the same would apply to him when he left the job. But his beliefs broke down soon after quitting the corporate job. 

In the days of cut-throat world, the scores of the population are already doing what you want to. There remains only one differentiator. And that is Trust.

It’s tough task to make good money. People will like to pay what you said for only if you can cater your service in the same way. Everybody who want to make money should build trust among the audience and customers.

Accumulating money is more than important

Like others, Vishal Kataria grew up learning that saving money is most responsible task. His mother taught him all what an Indian mother teaches to her child.

There is no doubt that saving money has enough importance in one’s life. But, Earning money is more than enough important.  Life isn’t straight, linear, and predictable. During the days of the inflation and contingencies, the saving of the money can’t only help your survival for long time. So, making the money is more important than saving it. 

Take advantage of attractive sales offers

There might be a limit of one’s need but not of wishes. As the market grows, so does the ways to attract more customers. No one can take advantage of the all schemes of such a huge market. There may be so many sales and coupon code opportunities. But, it doesn’t mean that one must take advantage of all the schemes, sales, and coupon code opportunities.  

It’s good to have single strategy

Around 10 years ago, Vishal’s father made fortunes by cracking a deal. His mother suggested his father to invest some amount of money into Fixed Deposit and take them to a foreign tour with rest. But, his father invested the whole amount of money in real estate which irked both Vishal and his mother. But, they came to understand the his father’s point behind investing the money in real estate after certain course of the time.

Now, Vishal Kataria suggests for the investment in Asset and enjoy the life with the return of property, mutual funds, stocks etc.


The children aren’t taught the value of the money. As they grow older, they began looking at money as a necessary commodity.  They try make good use of their money so that they can enjoy a stress-free life.

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