CAT 2020 Prep: How CAT mock tests can help you get into IIMs?

If you are aiming for admission into IIMs, then cracking the CAT 2020 entrance exam is essential for you. And taking CAT Mock Test can assist you in your preparation for the CAT exam. Read on the article to article to find out more about how mock tests are an essential tool in the CAT preparation strategy.

How CAT mock tests can help you get into IIMs
How CAT mock tests can help you get into IIMs

The CAT 2020 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 29th November and candidates vying for a seat in one of the top MBA colleges in India, have already started to intensify their MBA test prep. The preparation for the MBA entrance exam is an exhaustive process and there are many different tools that can help the MBA aspirants 'Bell the CAT.' One of the tools that have proved its effectiveness again and again over the years is 'Mock Tests.' Mock Test is one of the most important and effective tools when it comes to preparation for MBA entrance exams especially for exams like CAT. Mock Tests helps aspirants hone skills and fine tune their preparation strategy for the MBA entrances. If you still have any doubts with regards to the why you should take up CAT mock tests, we have listed down a few reasons for it below:

Career Counseling

Help in building a winning strategy

Competitive Exams like CAT 2020 are more about the preparation strategy rather than merely mugging formulas or learning short-cut tricks to solve questions. Taking up mock-tests helps you build a holistic MBA test preparation strategy that clearly tells you what to study and how to study. Therefore, CAT mock test are very important for you, if you really want to build a winning strategy for CAT 2020.

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Preparation & Practice

One of the biggest advantages of taking up CAT 2020 mock tests is that it allows you to gauge your level of preparedness. Taking up a CAT mock test will ensure that you get to know how prepared are you to tackle the difficult questions that might be thrown at you in the final exam. In addition to this, CAT mock tests also help you practice different types, styles and format of questions in each of the three sections of the CAT 2020 exam.

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Gives you Real Feel of taking up the Big Test

Another way in which taking up CAT 2020 mock tests would help you is by giving you the real world feel of taking up the big test. While, this may look like a minor point, but it is very important for candidates who are taking up the CAT 2020 exam seriously with the ultimate goal of grabbing a seat in IIMs. Taking up CAT mock tests will ensure that you are able to manage your time well while also ensuring that you do not buckle under pressure when it comes to handling the final exam.

Advance Techniques for Problem Solving

CAT mock tests also help you learn, implement and master different advanced techniques for problems solving as part of your CAT preparation. For instance, you learned a trick or a shortcut method of data analysis, but until and unless you are able to implement and use them in a practical manner while solving problems, it would be of no use. Here’s where CAT mock tests help you to not only learn new techniques for problem solving but also in ensuring that you know how to use them to solve questions in the CAT exam.

Performance Analysis

CAT mock tests are also the perfect tool to help analyse your performance and gauge your preparedness for 29th November i.e. the CAT exam date. Taking up CAT Mock tests can give you a realistic SWOT analysis through which you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and arrive at a winning strategy for CAT 2020. A thorough performance analysis of CAT mock tests can help MBA aspirants understand their weaknesses and align their MBA preparation accordingly.

Boosts Confidence of MBA Aspirants

Finally, coming to the most important aspect of taking up CAT 2020 mock tests; they help you build your confidence as you gradually improve your performance in CAT mock tests. Probably, the first time you take up a CAT mock test, you won't do as well as you would expect, but by following the feedback and doing a realistic performance analysis, you can improve your performance and in turn boost your confidence for D-day of 29th November.

These are just a few ways in which taking up CAT 2020 mock tests can help you build a winning strategy for the toughest MBA entrance exam of the country. CAT mock tests give you the real world feel of taking up the CAT 2020 exam and analysing your performance accordingly. It also helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses while building your confidence.

If you think we have missed out on any other important advantage of taking up MBA mock tests, do point them out in the comments section below. You can also subscribe to the latest news and updates about CAT 2020 on our website

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