How to focus better on your studies?

Have a semester exam coming up but you just don't feel like studying for it? Worry not; follow these cool college study hack to motivate yourself to earn good grades.

Tips to Focus Better on Your Studies
Tips to Focus Better on Your Studies

Whether you are a fresher or a senior in college, the summer semester passes away in a blur for all. Months rush off, in the excitement of having started the college or just settling back into the campus after a long break. And soon you are face to face with the thing your dread the most i.e. the semester exams for your college. While you are still busy shaking off that feeling of fun and excitement, the exams just seem to have shown up unannounced. 

With so many distractions to keep you away from studies, it is common for college students to be unable to concentrate on their studies. You might have to force yourself to sit down and study, but you just end up starting at the same page for hours. This would further lower your confidence and make you feel dejected and depressed in the end as the days of exams come near. But whatever the cause, you still have to study and clear your college exams and semester exams for good grades. So, if you want to study but you are just not able to do it? Well, fear not, it's a fairly common experience among students you just need to motivate yourself betterto study. 

Check out some cool ideas that will help you focus well on your college studies and earn good grades in the upcoming semester exams.

Define Your Study Space

When you find yourself unable to concentrate on your studies despite repeated efforts, it's important to first prepare your study space. Find a nice quiet place to sit down and study. However, do ensure that the place you select is neither too comfortable nor entirely new. For a very comfortable place would give you warm, cozy feeling and there is a high probability of you falling asleep. Similarly, at the place that is entirely new your mind will wander of trying to explore the new surroundings. Yourpurpose ends up defeated in both the scenarios. The best place to resign to in such situations is your own room.

Remove Your Distractions

With the study space defined the next step to prepare the space for a disturbance free study session. You need to remove any and all sources of distraction from around that space. Firstly, ensure that you have all the books and revision material that you'd require close to you. You shouldn't have to get up again and again for them. Next, remove all the objects that you won't need from around you. Like put your phone on silent mode and keep it at some distance from you. If studying in your room, you can also keep it with your mom or some other family member. Wear lose comfortable clothing's and if you have long hairs tie them back so that they don't fall on your eyes. Don't keep too much of snacks or other food items around as they would hamper with your concentration.

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Set Clear Goals

Whatever subject or topic you pick for a particular study session set clear goals to achieve by the end of it. For example- if you have an upcoming paper on clinical psychology then instead of setting yourself the goal - 'I have to study clinical psychology.' Tell yourself,'I have to finish the topic of Behavioral Therapy in this much time.' Have your study load divided in parts as completing small topics at once seems less scary than seeing an entire mountain of it. Also, setting yourself small goals will help you focus better. It will make you feel accomplished at having achieved the goal at the end of your study session and will keep you motivated.

Prepare A Schedule

Make a broad assessment of the topics you have to cover and how much time you would require for each of them. Write down the amount of time you have at your disposal like the number of days remainingbefore the exams. Divide the study load accordingly and assign a specific time period for each topic. Also, don't forget to set apart some time for final revision of your weak topics or for the ones that you feel are important. Make sure you stick to that schedule and follow it regularly. It will make it easier for you to stick to your resolutions. If you procrastinate on the schedule you will end up defeating the purpose of making one. Moreover, when you know you have enough time to cover everything it will help you concentrate better.

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Just Get Started

Now that you are all prepped up with the study space defined, all the distractions removed and the goals set. It's time to, Act Up! Making all the preparations and getting all things in place to get down with your study session is easy. The hardest part is to actually settle down and get started with the topics. Because, if you yourself are not ready to begin the studies, then all your efforts made before go down the drain. You will again end up staring at the same page without having learned anything. Thus, it's imperative that you set up your mind for the study session. Once, that is done, the small measures mentioned above will surely aid you in concentrating better on your studies.

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