IAS Exam: IAS Prelims Economics NCERT Books Based Questions

Economics NCERT Based questions is the collection of the chapterwise Questions based on the chapters of various Economics NCERT Books which are prepared for the Civil Services Prelims Exam

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NCERT Books serve as the bedrock for the IAS Exam Preparation. All the teachers and the Toppers always suggests to start the preparation with NCERT Books because they are well written in a simple manner and clarifies all the doubts related to the fundamental concepts.

We have NCERT books for almost all the subjects. After the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005, recommendations NCERT Books were over hauled and made more interactive. They also attempt to discourage rote learning and the maintenance of sharp boundaries between different subject areas. Now these books incorporates more images then before and the sole objective was to relate the real life of the students with the subject and make the studies more interactive and interesting.

These books are written to introduce the subject to the students and hence in the process make them familiar with the basic concepts and terminology of the subject. The class X and onwards NCERT books serve the purpose of the IAS candidates. These books serve as the authentic peace of theory and information and are the most consistent with the real and the standard authoritative texts of the concepts and principles. The terminology used in the NCERT books is the standard text and it is defined with the internationally accepted definitions.

The candidates always require the questions which are based on these NCERT books to practice and also to make the NCERT concepts more understandable in their entirety. Following are the NCERT based questions with the Chapter name of the NCERT Books

Economy NCERT Books

Indian Economic Development

               Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence Set II

               Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence Set I


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