Important Topics for UPSC IAS Main General Studies Paper I

Civil Services Main Exam General Studies Paper I is one of the largest papers in the IAS Main Exam. It covers History, Geography, World History, Indian Society and other Women Related Issues. See here the important Topics for the General Studies Paper I

Created On: Nov 4, 2015 16:33 IST

Civil Services Main examination is the test of the perception and attitude of the candidates. The IAS Main General Studies Paper I is the only paper of the IAS Main Exam which is most loosely syncronised with the current events of the preceding year. This paper has more factual orientation and hence it can become more scoring of answered relevantly. The candidates can score well if they provide factual inputs with the analysis.

IAS Main General Studies Paper I consist of all the aspects of the Art Forms in India, Modern Indian History, The Freedom Struggle,  Post-Independence consolidation, History of the world, of Indian Society, Diversity of India, Role of women and women's organization, poverty and developmental issues, urbanization, their problems and their remedies, world's physical geography, Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism, Distribution of key natural resources, Important Geophysical phenomena.

There is plethora of study material available for this paper but the real problem is to manage the time among the different sections of this paper because it is one of the largest syllabus to cover from various diverse resources. There are various history books on Indian and World History, Geography, and the likes. So what we suggest is to cover this paper topic wise.

Various resources will provide the same factual information about the Topics so it would be better to cover the topics in their entirety.

The following Topics are important for the IAS Main

How Culture play its part in Development

Indian Brand of Secularism

Women Role in the transforming Society of India

Need of the development and disaster linkage

Economic Exploitation of India is little overstated

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