Innovative History Trips for CBSE Students

Find CBSE’s recent Innovative step towards the much deprived subject of History by assigning 20 marks to the Outdoor Activities.

Created On: Mar 20, 2014 16:54 IST

Yet another Innovative strategy, in this new academic session, on the behave of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to connect students more towards the subject history thought in the schools affiliated with them.

This innovative strategy, in which the students get a better understanding of the historical facts and dates with the help of several outdoor trips and history-based projects scoring 20 marks, is suggested by CBSE's chairman Vineet Joshi.

As interpreted by a CBSE Official,” The new activities are designed to introduce students to important historical facts and figures in a very attractive way. The outdoor activities by the schools expose the students to the process of writing histories. It would make them understand how historians choose and assemble different evidences.”

The schools are instructed to hold 10 such activities which include going out to museum, historical monuments and other places of historical importance. So, the official further added "Apart from outdoor activities these students in a small group would be asked to hold special assignments and projects related to the subject."

These activities would help the students discover the relationship between different methods of enquiry within history and allied disciplines. "Marks secured by the students in these special assignments and projects would be included in their aggregate score by the end of the year," the official added.

This strategy will be receiving a warm welcome as it is going to impart students with a detailed knowledge of the events, issues and processes and will provide a gist on the present state of an issue. Thus, the students would be enacting the role of a Historian.


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