9 Items that Will be Loved by Every Lazy College Student

If you hate getting out of bed and imagine such items which will help you in minimizing your moving, then we are here with some options for you. College means fun and that means being lazy in every single way. Check these 9 products and their details. Use them and proudly maintain your status of being lazy.

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Items For Lazy College Students
Items For Lazy College Students

Being in college means wearing a tag of being lazy. You develop a special skill to procrastinate things, which is only known to you. But being lazy doesn’t mean that you don’t work at all. You do it but at your own pace.

There are certain products which will help you in accomplishing such goals. They are no doubt under your budget and you don’t have to put much effort into using them. In fact, with their help, you will be able to embrace your inner lazy soul.

If you are still looking for such items, we are here with few options. Go through them and find the perfect item for you. Make ‘Being Lazy’ your mantra.

1. These Furry Slippers will spare you the pain of changing while going out 

Price- Rs. 549

Fur Slippers

This cute pair of slippers will suit you in many ways. First of all, they look adorable, they are lightweight and you can easily wear them in your home as well as outside. It becomes difficult sometimes to select the perfect piece of footwear while going out. They will sort out your problem and give you a comfort zone from which you will not be able to come out.


  • You can wear them in any season
  • They are light
  • The slippers are comfortable
  • Non-Slippery slippers can be worn to any place

Color- The available colors are black, pink and peach

Benefits- Apart from giving an amazing look, they are suitable to be worn for casual outings.

Point To Note- The slippers will not work well in the wet areas

2. Give your hand some rest with this flexible neck mobile holder

Price- 299

Mobile Holder

There is no denying that cell phones are irreplaceable, especially when you are in college. You are constantly using it and the majority of networking depends on it. But holding it in hand while walking or standing might get too much. This flexible mobile holder which can be adjusted on your neck will be your favorite thing. Enjoy watching videos or songs without putting much effort.


  • The mobile holder can be adjusted well in your neck
  • You can place your phone as well as your tablet in the holder
  • You will free you and can do other work while watching videos or movies
  • The holder can be placed on your bicycle or bed or any place as per your comfort
  • The holder is suitable for phone or device of 4 to 9.5 inch

Weight- The mobile holder weighs 200 gms

Benefits- You can easily enjoy the mobile holder anywhere. Make watching video or movies much more fun

Point To Note- Must be careful while using it on the neck. Especially those with neck issues.

3. Have a hassle-free hair wash session with this dry shampoo

Price- Rs. 499

Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair is one of the major tasks. Especially in the mornings, when you have to reach a class and you woke just 10 min earlier. Now sleep won’t be disturbed on the account of it. The dry shampoo doesn’t require water and you can instantly make your hair clean and fresh. You will love the fragrance and be ready for your class in no time.


  • The dry shampoo cleans your hair and gives it a fresh look
  • You don’t need water for it which makes it a convenient product to use it anywhere
  • Gives a makeover to the dull and dry hair
  • Consumes minimal time and you can reach your destination in time \

Dimension- 21.6x5.1x1.3 cm

Weight- The bottle weighs 186 gm

Benefit- If you are getting late or if you are habitual of being late, then dry shampoo is the perfect thing to give your hair a new and fresh look

Point To Note- Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Make sure that your hair is suitable for it.

4. Enjoy Lying in bed and reading lazily with this mirror glass goggles

Price- Rs. 439

Mirror glass

The mirror glass is the perfect item for you if lazying in bed is one of your favorite activities. Enjoy reading a book with these goggles. They give you a horizontal look. You can enjoy watching a TV or reading a book or play games without moving. The least of the effort that you have to put will be putting these glasses.


  • You can wear them comfortably and enjoy reading or watching TV
  • Users can wear their usual eyewear which has the prism spectacle
  • They can be conveniently used while at home or even when you are traveling
  • There will be no influence on the user’s vision due to internal prism reflection in a glass plate

Benefits- The goggles will give you the least the chance to get up from bed or adjust your position. Just wear them and lie horizontally to read or watch TV

Point To Note- Avoid using the goggle if you have any form of medical condition related to eye

5. Stop putting extra effort in cutting and use this electric automatic scissor

Price- Rs. 1,517

Electric scissor

The electric automatic scissor will be the best addition to your craft collection. Giving you the perfect sheet cut, you won’t have to put any form of effort while using a scissor. With a maximum shear capacity of 0.1-5 (Mm), you will just have to place the scissor at the right place. Get a perfect cut with this automatic scissor.


  • The scissor is lightweight, easy to use and portable
  • The comfortable handle secures a stronghold
  • The electric automatic scissor can cut any form fabric or sheet
  • The scissor has a sharp cutting edge

Color- The scissor is available in white color

Weight- 260 gm

Size- 26.5x14.1x4.3 cm

Minimum cut radius- 0.5 (mm)

Benefits- You work will be done in no time with these electric automatic scissors. Get the perfect cut with the definite measurement with this item

Point To Note- Being it a delicate item, make sure to handle it with care

6. Now keep your phone and laptop in your immediate reach with this bedside storage basket

Price- Rs. 499

Hanging Basket

You will love to have this bedside storage basket with you. If you hate getting out of bed for a phone or your laptop, then this hanging basket must be your immediate purchase. It can store your mobile phone, bottle, laptop, charger and other necessary items which you might need while watching a movie.


  • The hanging basket doesn’t require any form of drilling and can be easily hanged
  • You can hang it on your bedside or in your kitchen or bathroom
  • The item is portable and you can carry it anyplace with you
  • It can take up to 2 kg of weight

Color- The basket is available in white color

Material- The basket is made of iron wire mesh

Benefits- If you hate getting out of your bed and want everything within your reach, then buy this basket and organize the messy bed

Point To Note- Make sure not to place very heavy items in it.

7. If drying your hair frustrates you then this towel for quick hair dry will be your favorite item

Price- Rs. 799

Hair Towel

No matter what the length of your hair is, this towel will come in handy every time you wast it. Wrap this towel on your hair after the wash and its drying cap inside it will give you a quick-dry hair. This item will certainly be useful for your morning classes. Dry your hair without any fuss with this turban towel.


  • The hair towel is the perfect accessory for women
  • The microfibre towel will dry your hair in no time
  • The inner cap absorbs more water in comparison to the usual towel
  • It is light in weight and you won’t feel heavy on your head

Color- Available in multicolor

Material- High-Quality microfibre fabric

Benefits- The best part about this towel is that it is a time saver. You can put on your make up while you keep this on your head and let your hair dry

Point To Note- Make sure that the towel is perfectly fit on your head to dry your hair completely.

8. This vibrating shakeAwake alarm clock will make sure that you get up on time for your classes

Price- Rs. 2,799

Alaram clock

Waking up in the morning is the biggest task if you are in college. But this vibrating alarm clock will make sure that you get up on time. It can be placed on your pillow and the strong vibrator in the alarm clock will do its work perfectly. You can carry your pocket-sized alarm clock anywhere with you and feel the joy of getting up early.


  • You can set your time and select the vibrating alarm or beep sound alarm
  • The clock works on a AAA battery
  • It has a bright cack light for the best viewing at night
  • The pocket-sized alarm can be carried anywhere as per your convenience

Dimension- 1.3x7.6x5.1 cm

Benefits- The alarm clock with the powerful vibration will make sure that you get up on time without any delay

Point To Note- Take care of the battery and make sure to handle it with care.

9. And at last, this T-Shirt with born to sleep message will inspire you not to get out of bed

Price- Rs. 498-548


This funky T-Shirt is available for both males and females. Born to sleep message on it will perfectly suit you and you will love to wear it around. The material will give you comfort and style and the cotton material is durable. Pair it with jeans or trousers and show your style to everyone.


  • The T-Shirt is 100% cotton and comfortable
  • It is a regular fit type T-Shirt
  • The size is available as per your own choice
  • The T-Shirt can be comfortable washed in the cold water

Material- It is 100% cotton

Benefits- Wear it comfortably in your home or even while going out. The piece will work will jeans as well as trousers

Point To Note- Make sure not to apply direct iron on the print and don’t dry it in the direct sunlight.

Check these 9 items which will suit your inner lazy soul perfectly. If going to college and attending classes is the only work you want to do then, these items will make your other chores much easier and convenient.

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