MBA Assignments Guide: Research & Checklist before you start writing

Before you embark on your pious journey of writing an MBA assignment, there are many things and factors that need to be dealt first. In this article, we shall discuss the preparatory phase for MBA Assignment writing and things you need to complete before you put your pen to paper

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Samuel Johnson once said “The greatest part of a writer's time is spent in reading, in order to write.” The fact cannot be ignored considering the amount of research that is required for preparing an MBA assignment. Be it a topic from marketing, finance, human resource management or operations management, research is a must have to complete this task. A well-researched assignment will depict the depth of your knowledge and hence improve your grades too.

Always remember, when it comes to research “‘Google’ is not a synonym for 'research'.” You have other important resources such as books, libraries, primary research methods, and focus group interviews etc. Do not always rely on the internet to find out facts.

Before Writing: Things to Remember

In this article we will examine the steps involved in ‘Phase 1’. A detailed review of these steps will aid you in a smooth ‘take off’ for writing your MBA Assignments. If you mess up in this phase, God save your assignment. But if you prepare the batter well, the cake will taste soft and yummy.

Step 1: Know your subject first

Our very basic advice to you is, do not end up like the boy shown below. When you are entrusted with the task MBA assignment, don’t take it as a burden.

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It is often observed that students don’t possess same level of interest in all the subjects. At this point, you need to understand the objective of studying the subject and its relevance in your MBA course. Once you understand the rationale behind that topic in your course, you will find easy to work on it.

Factors such as loss of concentration, continuous yawns while studying and distraction in the work will not trouble you much. Such trivial issues will get sidelined when you will start working on your weak points. So carefully listen to your lectures in the class and discuss faculty’s expectation on the assignment before you move forward to work on it.

A Comprehensive Guide on “How to Write Great MBA Assignments”?

Step 2: Research is the Key

You won’t have to end up like Spongebob in the classroom if you have a well-researched assignment in hand, to present to your teacher.

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Yes.. It is a fact! A well-researched assignment is necessary so that an in-depth analysis can be written. It will also help you enhance the quality of your work. Faculty appreciates the efforts of students who include the researchers conducted by eminent authors and researchers in their assignment. Research work will also widen your thinking skills and you will be able to suggest a ‘way forward’ to an existing theory or problem.

Step 3: Confirm info. from various sources

Authenticity of the information is the hallmark of genuine information presented in MBA assignment. To render your assignment authentic, you need to confirm the information from various sources. It might happen that some facts and figures in your assignment might be questioned by your professor. At that time you can justify your point if you have valid sources. Ambiguity in the assignment can lead to poor impression and your professor might question you like the man in the carton shown below:

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Step 4: Prepare a review of literature

We recommend that you prepare a review of literature to save yourself from the end time hassles. While obtaining info. from various sources, you can compile a table in which particulars such as ‘Author’s name, Year of research, objective of the study, finding of the study’ can be mentioned. This effort will help you create a repository of the relevant facts that can be used in the assignment and ignore the irrelevant facts not related to your study.

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Not only this, maintaining ‘review of literature’ will keep you aligned with your research or else you will also feel like the minion after investing hours of research. If you wish to keep yourself on the other side of the story, follow this practice earnestly and win the day!

Step 5: Use classroom notes and lectures to add value

In the age of technology, students are doing wonders in keeping up with the pace of the classroom lectures. The meme shown below is a perfect example of using technology for keeping a track record of classroom notes.

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Never ever miss on the inputs provided by the lecturer. Keep them as a source of first hand information. Your faculty would like to see how creatively you have used the inputs provided by them in the assignment. You can add more information to it as a ‘value add on’. These efforts are sure to fetch you excellent grades by the teacher. 

If you have mastered the art of collecting all the ingredients in optimum quantity to prepare the recipe well then rest of the task will feel like a cakewalk. But the real task of writing the assignment is yet to go!

beginner's guide to mba assignments

This was one part of the story. We will soon bring to you another crucial step of ‘Writing the MBA assignment’.

So stay ‘hooked’ and keep the hopes high for writing a great MBA assignment if you want to see yourself like the girl in the above picture…

Wish you a happy MBA Career!

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