A Comprehensive Guide on “How to Write Great MBA Assignments”?

Learn the art of writing an outstanding MBA assignment. Follow a few tips and make your assignment look classy and informative.

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Achieving MBA Degree successfully is a by-product of writing first-class, A-rated MBA assignments. As a novice if you do possess penchant for writing, then you need develop a dab hand at writing assignments from the DAY 1. MBA assignments are the inevitable and a handy tool preferred by MBA college professors/lecturers to test your subject knowledge. An MBA assignment is meant to keep you busy and enhances your planning, organizing and implementation abilities for the upcoming corporate career. Hence, you need to convert this activity into your favourite leisure activity and get you name in the good books of teachers! You must be thinking “how can someone convert MBA Assignment Writing exercise into favourite pass time activity”. We will guide you on the same and make MBA life the best part of your life.

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Importance of MBA Assignments

Make sure that you write assignments well because they will affect your grades adding on to your final CGPA. An added advantage of the MBA assignments is that they will make you more knowledgeable about a particular topic and hence you will slowly and steadily learn the art of articulating your thoughts into right words. If not, then a poor quality of assignments will lead to poor scores resulting in poor placements.

So make sure that you know the art of writing MBA Assignments that leaves an ‘A Grade’ impression on your faculty. To lessen you difficulties in writing the assignments, read some easy steps that you can follow and come up with a finest MBA Assignment. As a beginner, understand that writing an assignment is a continuous task and you must get into the habit of bifurcating this practice into three phases.

You can click on the phases mentioned below to find out the detailed process of writing MBA Assignments and make your work easier.

Phase 1: Research & Preparation

A well-rehearsed homework is required before writing an MBA assignment. As a first move, you need to develop the understanding of the topic on which you have been assigned the work.

There is a quote which says that “You can’t follow your heart when it’s more confused than your head.” This quote is true about the story of a MBA student as well.


The Lord will give you the strength to study only if you are able to think rationally. Rational thinking emerges from the virtue of being level-headed. When you do not have in depth-understanding of the topic, you won’t be seeking help from anyone like the minion. Instead, you bring out the best in your assignment. So it would be advisable to find out the objective of writing an assignment on that topic. Once you have a list of 2-3 objective that clearly defines the scope of your assignment, then you would have a clear idea regarding the expectation of the faculty from you.

Second step is to engage in comprehensive research work to accumulate the pieces of information that will complete your puzzle (obviously you assignment). Wait, while collecting the information, you also need to simultaneously maintain a repository of sources that will be further deployed in the assignment to enhance the authenticity of the work.

Phase 2: Writing Phase

After getting through with the research work which is indeed fatiguing, collecting the relevant information and start compiling it. This is the level playing field where you can score all the fours and sixes and make the audience happy on your star performance.

Provide upto the mark texts that are required to fulfill the objectives and make sure that the information is written precisely instead of elaborative texts. Do not mention facts that don’t have a valid source. Provide an impressive beginning and conclusion because this is where you can catch the attention of the reader.

Phase 3: Beyond Writing

Writing assignment is not the end of the story. There is a lot more to it!


Yes, you heard it right! You need to toil further dear MBA aspirant. The MBA assignment writing story doesn’t end here. Infact, phase 3 is one of the most important stages which if not followed well can make you assignment look shabby.

After you have compiled all the information on the MS word document or on some rule sheets, you are left with the job of formatting you assignment and make it presentable. It is the hallmark of a good chef to not just cook good food but also present it like a pro. Another must have in your assignment is proofreading. Proofread the facts mentioned in the MBA assignment and make sure that you do not end up with grammatical errors. Such errors leave a faulty impression of your shallow knowledge on the professor. Leave no stone unturned to make this part picture perfect. Another important and mandatory requirement that you need to accomplish is “avoid plagiarism” in the work. Negligence on this issue can also lead to cancellation of assignments. B-Schools take this issue seriously and can also impose penalty on the students for such acts.

These are few simple tips that you need to follow when you sit to write an outstanding MBA assignment. Once you become a master at writing these assignments, then you help your friends in writing one such assignment too!

But there is more to this story that remains untold…


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