NDA Exam I 2016: Sample Question Set 3- History

We are providing the set of 10 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based on the History of India, which comes under the General Ability paper. It will be helpful to understand the pattern of History questions which can be asked in the coming NDA Exam I 2016.

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NDA Exam I 2016 – 17th April 2016

1. Consider the following statement (s) related to Mughal Emperor Jahangir
I.Jahangir claimed that he could distinguish the work of different artists in a single picture.
II.Painting was at its climax during his reign.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
A.Only I
B.Only II
C.Both I and II
D.None of the above

Ans: C  
2. The Persian ruler who besieged Qandhar in Jahangir's reign was:-                 
A.Shah Muhammad
B.Shah Parvez
C.Shah Abbas
D.Shah Raza

Ans. C  
3. Consider the following statements:
I.Jahangir promulgated twelve edicts for the general welfare and better government to mark his coronation
II.Jahangir composed verses in Persian and sang Hindi lyrics
Choose the correct answer:
A.Only I
B.Only II
C.Both I and II
D.Neither I nor II
Ans: C    

4. Consider the following statement(s) related Jahangir
I. Jahangir had set up his court at Allahabad, assumed royal titles and struck coins in his name
II. He banned slaughter of animals on two days in every week viz - Sunday & Thursday.
Choose the correct answer:
A.Only I
B.Only II
C.Both II and II
D.Neither I nor II

5. Which of the following are true about Jahangir?
I.The full name of Jahangir was Nuruddin Md. Jahangir
II.Jahangir had ended a long drawn out struggle with Mewar
III.Mahabat Khan revolted against Jahangir and captured Jahangir and his wife Nurjahan at Lahore
Options are:
A.Only I
B.I and II
C.II and III    

D.All the aboveAns.D  
6. Which of the following statements are correct about Jehangir?
I.His reign saw beginning of a new intercourse between Europe of India
II.Attempted to prohibit traffic in eunuchs
III.Started practices of inter-caste marriages between the families of government officers
IV.Ordered the abolition of inhuman corporal punishments
A. I, II, and III
B. I, II, and IV    
C. II, III, and IV    
D. All the above

Ans. B   
7. Consider the following statement (s) related to Hawkins
I.Hawkins was the first Englishman to visit Jahangir’s court
II.Hawkins was called by the name of Inglish Khan, by Jahangir
A.Both I and II are correct
B.Both I and II are incorrect
C.Only I is correct
D.Only II is correct

8. Who among the following Mughal Emperors was half Rajput?
A.Shah Jahan & Aurangzeb
B.Akbar Jahan & Jahangir
C.Shah Jahan & Jahangir
D.Jahangir & Humayun

9. Who had completed the annexation of Ahmednagar?

10. Historian Abdul Hamid Lahori was in the court of:

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