UPSC NDA NA (II) Exam 2017: English Practice Questions – Antonyms

This practise set consists of 10 Questions on Antonyms. Correct answers with explanations are also given.

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For the benefit of UPSC NDA & NA (II) 2017 Exam aspirants we are providing practice questions for the English section. This practise set consists of 10 Questions on Antonyms. At the end, correct answers with explanations are also found.

UPSC NDA NA II Exam 2017 English Practice Questions Antonyms

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Directions: Find suitable Antonym for the word underlined in the question from the given four options. If more than one option seems suitable mark the most appropriate one.

1. The officer asked the clerk to expedite the matter.

(a) postpone
(b) defer
(c) adjourn
(d) delay

2. It was done in a haphazard manner.

(a) planned
(b) excellent
(c) disappointment
(d) despair

3. The result of the tournament gave them a sense of elation.

(a) despondency
(b) misery
(c) disappointment
(d) despair

4. The members thought that the task was feasible.

(a) impractical
(b) impossible
(c) difficult
(d) impracticable

5. You can hardly find any trace of humility in the man.

(a) pride
(b) insolence
(c) arrogance
(d) conceit

6. He is the most prudent person I have ever come across.

(a) short sighted
(b) reckless
(c) inconsiderate
(d) injudicious

7. The atmosphere in the institute he had newly joined was congenial to research.

(a) disagreeable for
(b) inconvenient for
(c) unpleasant for
(d) unsuitable for

8. I was surprised at his stiff attitude.

(a) courteous
(b) flexible
(c) soft
(d) lively

9. Because of the economy drive, they very unwillingly surrendered some superfluous posts.

(a) important
(b) relevant
(c) significant
(d) essential

10. I abhor the ideas he sometimes expresses.

(a) admire
(b) respect
(c) applaud
(d) appreciate

Answers with Explanations

1. (b) ‘Expedite’ means “to get something done quickly”. For matter ‘postpone’ cannot be used. Similarly ‘adjourn’ is used for meeting or session. So ‘Defer’ which means ‘to postpone’ can be used for matter.

2.(a) ‘Haphazard’ means ‘unsystematic’ and ‘no planned’.

3. (a) ‘Elation’ means bodily expression of joy and ‘despondency’ means “bodily expression of disappointment”.

4. (d) ‘Practical’ means ‘that can be put into practice’. Practicable means ‘that can be practised’. ‘Feasible’ also means ‘possible’ but for ‘a task’ impossible cannot be used.

5. (c) Antonym of ‘humble’ is ‘proud’ and pride, conceit and arrogance means proud. ‘Conceit’ is pride based on false notions. ‘arrogance’ means pride which makes a person self-cantered. So this is nearest.

6. (d) ‘Prudent’ and ‘Judicious’ mean wise. ‘Reckless’ means ‘rash’ and ‘inconsiderate’ means a person who does not show any concern for anyone.

7. (d) ‘Congenial’ means ‘favourable’. So most appropriate will be ‘unsuitable’. Disagreeable is not a correct word for atmosphere.

8. (c) ‘stiff’ means ‘harsh’. so ‘soft’ is a correct antonym.

9. (d) ‘Superfluous’ means ‘not essential’ so ‘essential’ is correct antonym.

10. (a) ‘Abhor’ is to ‘hate’ and ‘admire’ is to ‘praise’ & ‘Applaud’ means to praise by clapping etc. And ‘appreciate’ means to recognize value.

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