7 New Year Resolutions 2020 to Make Your Life More Happy and Content

If you haven’t, then start making your list of New Year Resolutions 2020. And if you are still confused regarding which one to choose, then check the 7 resolutions below. Make this New Year 2020 more satisfying and fulfilling.

New Year Resolutions 2020
New Year Resolutions 2020

Taking New Year Resolutions 2020 will not be something new. Every year, we all gear ourselves up with them and by the end of the first week, it all goes away. So for New Year 2020, let’s start with the most convenient resolutions. Whether it is to exercise and sticking up to your diet plans or learning that one skill which you always wanted.

We are here with the list of 7 such New Year Resolutions 2020 along with the required products and take a small step of change with them.

1. Exercise, Running, and Yoga. Make this a mantra of New Year 2020

Track pants

The most common resolution but hardly accomplished. Make the year 2020 finally the one in which you will bring the change. Stop coming up with excuses and make yourself a routine. Whether it is exercise, doing yoga or running, once you start with them, you won’t be able to stop.

Start with buying a tracksuit which will put inspiration to pursue your diet plans further

2. Start reading. Ban mobile phones before sleeping and develop a habit of reading before going to bed

It is a fact that reading before going to bed improves concentration. It is good for your memory as well. No matter what genre you prefer whether fiction or non-fiction, start with an easy one. Starting from the first week, buy your favourite book and make sure to never let go of this habit.

Check the latest books released by Amazon for the year 2020. You will definitely find the one you will love.

3. Stop procrastinating and learn that new skill which always excites you

Black guitar

Whether it is to dance or to learn a musical instrument, make this year the one. Join classes or call a tutor at home, take some time out to learn that new skill. Make the best use of your weekends with learning something productive. It is for sure that you will love this new side of yours.

If learning guitar is one of the skills, then start with this basic one.

4. If you are struggling with your budget, then the planner will help out you a lot

Budget Plannersszzzz

If you don’t want to be broke in this coming year, then this budget planner will benefit you a lot. Make sure to buy this budget planner and write your every expense so that you can easily keep track.

This Budget planner will not let you go broke in the New Year

5. Focus on your health and keep yourself hydrated


Whether traveling or in your usual routine, drinking water is the thing that is easily forgotten. This year, take a resolution of keeping a water bottle. For summer or for winters, keep yourself hydrated. There are many health benefits of drinking water which you will definitely start realizing.

Buy this water bottle to keep yourself hydrated for the whole day

6. Start writing. Pouring down your thoughts will be much easier than you imagine

Writing Journal

Writing a journal doesn’t mean that you need to be an excellent writer. It is one of the ways of letting things out and which remains personal as well. Start keeping a journal with you and develop a practice of writing in it every day. You will start feeling a difference that you will absolutely love.

Don’t miss adding this journal to your cart

7. To do list notepad. Start organizing your days and plan in advance

To do list

This will help you sort out your plans a lot. This year will not be for missing out on birthdays or anniversaries. Make each day count by planning them and knowing which dates are going to be the most important ones.

Buy to-do list notepad for your office as well as for your home  

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