7 Skin Care Products For Women in Winters: Don’t Miss the Charm of Glowing and Healthy Skin

Skin essentials in winters are as important as any other item. Explore various products that will keep your dry skin healthy. Check these 7 skincare items in this Winter season. Try them and give yourself a fresh look every day. 

Dec 3, 2019 10:01 IST
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Skin Care Products for Winters
Skin Care Products for Winters

Winter arrives with a number of skin problems. Mostly with women, when it comes to winter shopping, it doesn’t necessarily mean just clothes. A careful selection is needed from body lotion to your face wash. Whether you have a dry or an oily skin, you will never run out of options available for every skin type.

Enjoy these 7 winter skincare products and shine with a natural glow in this season.

1. Your dry skin needs this Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil Body Lotion by ST. D’VENCE

Price- Rs. 369

Body Lotion


If you understand the pain of having dry skin in the winter season, then give a try to this body lotion by ST. D’VENCE. The ingredients include tree tea oil and rich shea butter. It moisturizes your dry skin and gives it a healthy look for an entire day.

 Ingredients- The body lotion consists of pure Australian tea tree oil, Italian Olive Oil, Vitamin A, B and e and French Shea Butter

Quantity- 300 ml

How to use- For the dry skin, apply this lotion slowly to every body part, making sure that the skin has absorbed it.

Note- If you have oily skin, make sure that the quantity while applying the lotion is in proportion.

2. For the pink and moist lips try this lip balm by Lotus Herbals

Price- Rs. 116

Lip Balm

Your lips need a little more attention in winters. Lotus is one of those brands which makes sure that your lips remain moist in this season. The presence of different forms of oil and honey in this balm makes this lip cream a perfect choice.    

 Ingredients- The lip balm is made of moisturizing oils such as Jojoba oil, almond oil, and wheat germ oil. The antimicrobial properties of the balm make sure that there is no form of side effect after using this balm.

Color- The lip balm by Lotus is of raspberry

Form- The balm comes in a box and it is a cream type balm.

How to use- Apply this balm daily completely on your lips. Use the balm twice daily.

3. Go natural and use this Castor Oil for skin in this winter season

Price- Rs. 179

Castor Oil

Not a preferred item for many but oil works as a great moisturizer in the winter season. The thick castor oil absorbs the given dryness of your skin and keeps it moist for a longer period of time. This oil will show you the benefits that your branded cosmetic product will not be able to give you.


  • Your skin will immediately absorb this oil. After applying your skin will not feel sticky
  • It is for all skin types. The 100% natural product will not cause any form of side effects.

How to Use- Due to the thickness of the castor oil, while applying to make sure that the quantity of this oil is in proportion. Massage your skin gently especially on the dry parts.

4. In this season treat yourself with hand and foot moisturizing cream

Price- 319

Hand and Foot Cream

Your hand and skin need special attention too. They are more exposed to the dry and cold air and normal body moisturizers do not work well on them. This skin-softening product is made specially to apply on hand and foot which keeps them moist and repairs the damaged skin. Make sure to add this one in your skin essentials this season.


Ingredients- The major items in this cream are shea butter and coconut oil. They act as a moisturizer and nourishes your hand and foot

How to use- Apply it gently on your hand and foot with a massage. Keep in mind the ratio while applying this cream.

5. Nivea Face Wash will be a boon to dry skin in this cold season

Price- Rs. 132

Nivea Face Wash

You cannot undermine the importance of face wash in winters. Among the plenty of options in summers, you face needs special product in winter as well. The face wash by Nivea will give you a glowing look and moisturize your face. Use this face wash for dry skin and restore the lost glow.

Ingredients- Face wash has the milk protein goodness and honey which makes it thick and creamy

Skin Type- The face wash is of best use if you have a dry skin problem

6. Give your skin a special treatment with this Choco Body Butter

Price- Rs. 575

Body Butter

If you have already tried all forms of skin moisturizer and want to try something new, then body butter is an option for you. Made of more thick and rich ingredients, the choco body butter nourishes your dry skin and moisturizes it. Give a try to this latest skin-nurturing product for your dry skin.

Ingredients- Choco body butter is made of pure Cocoa butter, Argan Oil, Caramel and Vitamin E

Quantity- 250g

How to use- It is recommended to apply it after your bath. Apply this body buttercream in a proportionate quantity on your body parts.

7. Body wash by Dove must not be missed from your winter skin essentials

Price- Rs. 349

Body Wash

Last but not least, this deeply nourishing body wash by Dove is perfect for this winter season. Your skin treatment starts from your bath, hence make sure that your body wash nourishes your skin as well. It is soft on your skin and gives a perfectly smooth texture in the dry season.


  • The body wash by Dove is required for the overall healthy skin treatment
  • Aside from the body lotion and other products, body wash will give you a deeply moisturized skin just after a bath

Quantity- 800 ml  

Take care of yourself with these 7 skin products in winters. From face wash to body butter, get yourself a healthy-looking skin in Winter 2019.

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