11 Winter Skin Care Products For Women: Give Your Skin a Glowing Look With these Beauty Products

Winter skin care products are as important as any other item. Your skin needs extra care in this season with these 11 winter skin care essentials for women. Get ready for the blush cheeks and smooth skin like never before. 

Skin Care Products for Winters
Skin Care Products for Winters

Give yourself a special treat with winter skin care products in this season. Cold air does more harm to your skin than you can imagine, hence make sure to pick skin essentials carefully. From moisturizers to shower gels, below mentioned 11 skin  care essentials will nourish your skin and give you a healthy and glowing look. 

1. Your dry skin needs this Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil Body Lotion by ST. D’VENCE

Price- Rs. 369

Body Lotion


If you understand the pain of having dry skin in the winter season, then give a try to this body lotion by ST. D’VENCE. The ingredients include tree tea oil and rich shea butter. It moisturizes your dry skin and gives it a healthy look for an entire day.

2. For the pink and moist lips try this lip balm by Lotus Herbals

Price- Rs. 116

Lip Balm

Your lips need a little more attention in winters. Lotus is one of those brands which makes sure that your lips remain moist in this season. The presence of different forms of oil and honey in this balm makes this lip cream a perfect choice.  

3. Go natural and use this Castor Oil for skin in this winter season

Price- Rs. 179

Castor Oil

Not a preferred item for many but oil works as a great moisturizer in the winter season. The thick castor oil absorbs the given dryness of your skin and keeps it moist for a longer period of time. This oil will show you the benefits that your branded cosmetic product will not be able to give you.

4. In this season treat yourself with hand and foot moisturizing cream

Price- 319

Hand and Foot Cream

Your hand and skin need special attention too. They are more exposed to the dry and cold air and normal body moisturizers do not work well on them. This skin-softening product is made specially to apply on hand and foot which keeps them moist and repairs the damaged skin. Make sure to add this one in your skin essentials this season.

5. Nivea Face Wash will be a boon to dry skin in this cold season

Price- Rs. 132

Nivea Face Wash

You cannot undermine the importance of face wash in winters. Among the plenty of options in summers, you face needs special product in winter as well. The face wash by Nivea will give you a glowing look and moisturize your face. Use this face wash for dry skin and restore the lost glow.

6. Give your skin a special treatment with this Choco Body Butter

Price- Rs. 575

Body Butter

If you have already tried all forms of skin moisturizer and want to try something new, then body butter is an option for you. Made of more thick and rich ingredients, the choco body butter nourishes your dry skin and moisturizes it. Give a try to this latest skin-nurturing product for your dry skin.

7. Body wash by Dove must not be missed from your winter skin essentials

Price- Rs. 349

Body Wash

Last but not least, this deeply nourishing body wash by Dove is perfect for this winter season. Your skin treatment starts from your bath, hence make sure that your body wash nourishes your skin as well. It is soft on your skin and gives a perfectly smooth texture in the dry season.

8. Pond's Moisturizing Lotion must be included in your winter skin essentials 

Price- Rs. 162


It is important that you apply what your skin will love. Winter skin products are not complete without a moisturizer. We all hate dry skin in winters, especially when you are out. The triple vitamin moisturizing lotion will keep your skin healthy.   

9. A little touch up with this Himalayan day cream will be more than enough for a casual hang out 

Price- Rs. 186

Himalaya Cream

Winter is the time when you least want to dress million of times. Your winter skin care essentials need a cream that will keep your skin glowing in any season. Pick this Himalayan day cream. A little touch up from this cream will give you an all ready look. This cream works perfectly well in the winter season as well.   

10. Winter beauty products cannot skip this Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo 

Price- Rs. 399

Vinegar Shampoo

Winter season not just dry your skin but impacts your hair as well.  You need to be equally picky which buying your shampoo as well. Opt for this Apple cider shampoo with natural ingredients. Keep your hair healthy and thick and let not cold breeze affect your charm. 

11. Himalaya herbal soap is a must in your winter skin care essentials 

Price- Rs. 135

Himalaya Soap

If you are not much of a shower gel person, Himalaya herbal soap will be a great option for you. This set of soap by the Himalayas is natural ingredients such as Almond oil and Persian rose that will moisturize your skin. Choose this Himalaya soap in this season and see a natural glow after just one wash. 

Take care of yourself with these 11 skin products in winters. From face wash to body butter, get yourself a healthy-looking skin in Winter 2020.

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