Parenting Tips: 5 perks of playing Board Games with child

Is office cutting into the time you would give to your child? Parents who want to connect well with their child can choose Board Games as a viable tool to do so.

Board Games with child
Board Games with child

For working parents, it is quite difficult to spend quality time with kids. Call it the pressure of impending deadlines or never ending workload, at the end of the day, all they want is to spend a few minutes with their child. But there are many days when office stress comes home along with a fatigued and frustrated mind; where you don’t have enough left in the tank to cater to the needs of your child.

When all the circumstances are going against the wind, you cannot afford to ignore kids, waiting for you at home. They long for undivided attention and it is crucial to take care of their needs and actively participate in the process of growing up. In such times, board games acts as a tool that will let you spend some quality time with your kids while also helping you to relax and unwind after a tough day. Board games not only act as a fun medium to indulge with kids, but they are also a good replacement for the time that you would have otherwise spent outside home.

Still not convinced about the perks of playing board games with your child. Then, the below-given 5 reasons would surely convince you otherwise.

1. Not Physically Tiring

Board games offer you ample time to sit and relax while simultaneously spend fun moments with your kids. You don’t have to visit parks in the vicinity after a physically tiring day. Board games will save your effort to go out and play with them in the park. Use this time for face-to-face interaction with him/her to explore about the activities of their day. Kids easily open up when they enjoy the company of their dear ones. There could be no better way to relax in the evening when you have kids by your side.

2. Help kids to inculcate social skills

Board games are an excellent teacher, especially when it comes to life-lessons or practical things. Play life games with your kid and teach him skills that will make him/her realise the importance of being social. Board games with flash cards help kids in learning English language and speaking etiquettes that will enhance their communication skills. Similarly, Monopoly will teach them about trade and finance.

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3. Builds Sportsmanship in Kids

Life is all about winning and losing; and the sooner your kids learn this better. It is important to teach kids that sometimes it is fine to lose in the game. If you will push them to win the game whenever they participate, they will never be able to accept their defeat. And like always, failure teaches us important lessons like sportsmanship, humility and grace. These are important life lessons which you can teach your kids through board games. When children imbibe the feeling of sportsmanship at early age, they willingly participate in extra-curricular activities with a spirit of healthy competition. It will also help you in keeping your point when you will be overloaded at the work front.   

4. Enhance logical and analytical skills

It might be difficult for you to teach them, how to solve maths questions or frame words, but when you ask them to play games such as Scrabble and Maths Mania, they will quickly learn these skills. You won’t have to run after their life with a notebook and pencil. They will willingly pick the games and will learn new things that will simultaneously enrich their knowledge. Logical and analytical skills can be best taught using board games.

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5. Teach them practical skills to deal with real-life situations

Strategy based games such as Animal Farm and Business involve decision making skills that will push your kid give a though to solve real-life situations. You will be able to gauge their mental acumen while playing such games. When you see that they are losing interest, teach them a few tricks that will help them understand the nuances of circumstances required to win the game. Board games are the best method to develop practical skills.

We hope that you make loving memories with your kid while playing various board games. These games will make you their best friend and they will wait for the evening eagerly when you be available for them without having to worry about other troublesome issues in life.   

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