CBSE Exam 2017: Procedure for verification of marks if not setisfied with result

Here you will get to know the procedure for verification of marks in CBSE exam 2017, in case you are not satisfied with the result. Here, you will also get acquainted with the options other than verifivcation of marks, if you find some anomaly in the marks alloted in a particular subject.

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reevaluation procedure for cbse answer sheet
reevaluation procedure for cbse answer sheet

Q. Can a candidate see his own answer script in case the result is not as per his expectations?

Ans. No, there is no provision of showing answer scripts in CBSE board exams. However, if you are not satisfied with your marks, you can apply for rechecking/verification of marks. Application for scrutiny or re-checking in a particular subject or all the subjects can be made within the scheduled period (by the CBSE board itself). Rechecking does not mean that that marks will be changed but it checks only the calculation mistake if any. The fee charged is Rs.300 per subject. The candidate should apply at the respective Regional Office only.

However, if you still think that marks given are not satisfactory or there is some other anomaly, then you can opt for further step of Re-evaluation. Under re-evaluation your answer sheet will be evaluated again by a different teacher. In this marks allotted for the first time will be nullified and student will have to accept the new marks.

Thus, if you are a CBSE student, then in order to go for the complete revaluation of your answer sheet,you need to go through the following three step:
1. Apply for rechecking/verification of marks within the period shceduled by CBSE. You will have to make a payment of  Rs. 300/- per subject. If not satisfied with marks then go to next step else exit process.

2. Apply for Photocopy of answer sheet within the period shceduled by CBSE, on remitting the requisite fee of Rs.700/- per subject. If still not satisfied go to the next step.

3. Apply for Re-evaluation of Marks or challenge the marks awarded to any question(s) (max 10 questions) within the period shceduled by CBSE.  You will have to make a payment of Rs.100/- per question

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