Resume Writing: Some basic rules to always keep in mind

Writing your resume for the first time, keep these basic rules in mind

Created On: Jun 9, 2020 16:20 IST
Resume Writing: Some basic rules to always keep in mind
Resume Writing: Some basic rules to always keep in mind

Resumes are your first point of contact with any recruiter or employer. It's based on your resume only, that they decide whether you are the kind of candidate they are looking for or not. To say that your resume is like a mirror of your career and professional journey won't be wrong at all. However, in the case of fresh out of college graduates, it's mostly about their academic performances, extra-curricular, professional skills and relevant industry experiences. Hence, it is very important that your resume be as perfect as it can be. Not so well-written resumes leave a negative image of your personality on the recruiter and vice-versa. Often, deserving candidates miss out on good opportunities because their resumes were not impactful enough. But since, most of the students are writing their resumes for the first time ever when applying for internships in college they are prone to make mistakes. And, to help prevent you from making some easily avoidable mistakes we have compiled here a list of some basic resume writing rules.

Keep these tips in mind when writing your resume :

Avoid Making 'Typo' Mistakes

It might come as surprising but a lot of applications that employers/recruiters receive are full of typo mistakes. And typo's are not a kind of mistake that comes from the inexperience of having never written a resume before because it's got nothing to do with it. For suppose, instead of writing, ' I am a career oriented person' you write, 'I am a carrier oriented person' no employer is going to give your resume a second look. Rather it would straight away go to the rejection pile. If you make typo mistakes in your resume, employers also see it as a part of reckless and careless attitude on your part. And who would want to hire such a person in their organization? Especially, if you are applying for a job such as that of a content writer, a typo mistake in your resume would trash any chance of employment that you had in that organization. 

Avoid Confusing Objectives

Students often refer to online resume formats and templates for writing their resumes. Although, there is nothing wrong with that you must make use of your mind in determining what things to include and what not to include. For example, a lot of resume templates online contain the objective section which was had quite a common use a few years back but it's hardly advised to make use of in today's time. The sample objective section in these templates often contains sentences like, 'seeking a challenging position' and 'looking to work under the tutelage of subject experts and enhance my professional skills.' Although, these sentences might sound pretty good to you, what good are they to your prospective employer. Also, try and avoid clichéd phrases like, 'work well under pressure', 'result-oriented', 'excellent communication skills' etc.

Do Not Exaggerate

A lot of college students often make this mistake of exaggerating in their resumes. Even if it makes your resume get noticed and land you the interview call, it's no good. Because employers always run a background check on all new employees they hire, sometimes even the interns. A lot of employers often ask for references from previous workplaces or college professors in case of freshers. They even track the person on social media and any disparity found in their profile compared to the claims on their resume often leads to scraping of their candidature. So, play safe and do not lie or exaggerate anything on your resumes.

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Stick To One To Two Page Resumes

As a fresh out of college graduate you don't have much of professional experience to showcase in your resumes apart from that of your internships. Or if you are still in college and looking for internships you have nothing but your academic and extra-curricular achievements to showcase. So, try and stick to a minimalist resume. Although there is no ideal length of a resume, the only thing is that it must justify your qualifications and previous experiences. However, for people just starting with their professional careers such as that of college students its advised to stick to one to two pages resume and not more than that because it mostly comes under the category of exaggeration unless you can justify it. However, make sure not to miss out on any important information in order to try to keep the resume minimalistic.

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Keep The Format Simple                             

Opt for a format or template best matched to the kind of job or the industry that you are applying for. Like suppose, if you are a graphic designer using a plain standard template for your resume won't make any sense. You need to have a creative resume in order to showcase your talent. But if you are an engineer a colorful resume won't suit you. But whatever your profile may be, make sure that the format you have is simple and clean. Ensure that it doesn't appear cluttered or unreadable.

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Don't Copy Your Friend's Resume

This is a very common thing among college students today. They often are seen copying the resume of their friends or peers. And at times all they do is edit their names and basic information keeping most of the matter same. But, that's not the way to go. A resume is something personal, it is supposed to showcase your strengths and capabilities. What sense does it make copying someone else resume and make some changes in it? It would make no difference to your employer however, it would prove to be quite harmful to you. For one, you won't learn how to write a good resume and secondly what do you make of someone who cannot even write his own resume. It casts your personality in the negative look. So, whatever you write no matter how small make sure that it is original.

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